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Top 10 Most Comfortable Swim Nose Clips in (2022) Reviews

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    The most comfortable swim nose clips are easy to find. We know you get tired of swimming with clips that fall off, aren’t effective, or get lost too easily. We’ve researched customer reviews, various sales channels, manufacturers websites, and what materials are used to manufacture them until we came up with the most comfortable top 10 nose clips available for you. Nose clips have been designed and redesigned for ages, and every pair you pick up may not work as well as the last pair you had. We know how important your swimming is, and you need your nose plugs to work so you can depend on them. We went through a ton of customer reviews to determine which nose clips were working for people, which ones were the most comfortable to wear, and which ones wouldn’t stay on. We came up with a list of nose clips that are each unique in their own way, and they are all designed for the best performance, effectiveness, and quality. Every nose clip we covered is either so different that they stand alone, or have gone through extra work to make them comfortable. Any of these nose clips are proven to work and be comfortable, so if you are tired of hard, plastic, ineffective junk, you’ve come to a good place. These are the most comfortable, most effective, and best quality nose plugs online.

    List of the Most Comfortable Swim Nose Clips in 2022:

    10 Mares Nose Clip Apnea

    Mares Nose Clip Apnea

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    Mares Nose Clips are good for adults or kids and have positive customer reviews across the board. These nose clips come in a four pack, with four separate colors, making them great for families because everyone can have their own color. Individual boxes for each pair, and keeping the nose clip clean, healthy, and portable. These nose clips feature an embossed dotted nose clip, designed to be more stable on the nose, preventing water from entering and protecting you from sinus infections as well.

    Features and Benefits

    1. Designed for Comfort

    The Mares Nose Clip Apnea are excellently designed nose clips designed for comfort, utilizing a soft over the mold and an ergonomic shape that provides distraction-free comfort.

    2. High-Quality Design

    The design of the Mares brands nose clips is obviously proof that the manufacturer went overboard for divers. The fact that you can dive with these on, that is proof that they are a worthy inventor too. Trusted for years, and you will never get a bad product from Mares.

    3. Above Average Reviews

    Customers swear by these clips, saying that they are the best ever. So far the Mares Nose Clip Apneas have a 4.4-star rating, which is excellent compared to other models.

    4. Trusted Manufacturer

    With over 70 years of being a trusted name in diving products, Mares strives to set safety standards, and fulfill the needs of divers with every product.


    Designed by Mares, a leader in diving products that strives to set standards and pulls it off, these nose clips are effective for divers and swimmers of all types. The Mares Nose Clips come with a lanyard so that you don’t lose them as well, and customers are saying that they are the best nose clips they have ever used.

    9. Sinus Saver Water Sports Nose Plugs

    Sinus Saver Water Sports Nose Plugs

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    Sinus Saver Water Sports Nose Plugs are a favorite on Amazon. Partially because they are some of the most comfortable plugs on the market, and partially because they are more effective to some than the traditional nose clips that bridge over your nose. Unlike traditional nose clips that stick on the outside of your nose, these nose plugs fit on the inside of the nostril. The Sinus Saver Water Sports Nose Plugs help keep water out of your nose, consequently preventing sinus infections, and making your swims a whole lot more comfortable and free.

    Features and Benefits

    1. Medical Grade Silicone

    Some benefits of medical grade silicone is that it will not dissolve, shrink, or break during normal use.

    2. Breakthrough Design

    This new breakthrough is both more comfortable, more effective, plugging nasal passages from the inside instead of the outside.

    3. Excellent Customer Reviews

    There are reports all over about the Sinus Saver Water Sports Nose Plugs being their favorite plugs ever, and also of them being very comfortable, and not as in the way.


    The Sinus Saver design is definitely a better design than some of the hard, plastic clips that are slowly dissipating on the market now that effective and comfortable ones have come out. They are a favorite of many, proven to be effective and comfortable, and are designed by a simple force of habit. Sinus Savers were invented by an avid surfer was forced to look for better options, or lose his life’s passion to a recurring sinus infection. Sinus Saver nose plugs creates less hassle than traditional nose clips, staying out of the way for a carefree and more enjoyable swim.

    8. Zooshine 6 Sets Waterproof Silicone Swimming Earplugs Nose Clip Plugs,Ear & Nose Protector Swimming Sets Box Package



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    The Zooshine Ear & Nose Protector Swimming Sets are not only a great value, customers are actually saying that they work well, and they are very soft and comfortable as well. You get three pairs of nose plugs and three pairs of earplugs in this bundle. Pink, blue, and black, and a case to keep your nose plugs in as well. These nose clip and ear plug bundle are specifically designed to keep water out of the nasal cavity, and water from entering the ear canal as well.

    Features and Benefits

    1. Value for the Money

    This set is an excellent value compared to buying these items all individually, and a perfect option for families as well.

    2. Comfortable Design

    The soft silicone will be gentle on your nose, making your swim as comfortable as possible.

    3. Full Protection

    Buying an all in one bundle like this gives you full protection to fight against viruses caused by water getting the nose, and earaches and infections caused by water getting in the ears.


    The 3 Pairs of IPOW Soft Silicone Swim Nose Clip+Ear Plugs are a great value for the money, made with quality and convenience in mind, and comfortable and durable. Made of soft silicone to be gentle on the nose and prevent slipping, and highly ranked by customers. IPOW offers a money back guarantee.

    7. TYR Nose Clip

    TYR Nose Clip

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    TYR Nose Clips are tested for performance ahead of time, give you full control in all of your aquatic activities. Used by both professional and recreational users, these clips are designed with the highest quality materials, and with design excellence in mind. The TYR Nose Clips made to not hurt the nose, and be effective at keeping water out as well.

    Features and Benefits

    1. Designed for Comfort

    These nose clips were specifically designed with comfort in mind with the highest grade materials, to provide the best fit, and hassle-free swims.

    2. Effective Design

    The TYR nose clips are in a class of their own, designed differently to get the job done, and reportedly effective at it.

    3. Used by Athletes

    The TYR nose clips are used by professional swimmers, meaning that they work.


    TYR was founded by swimwear designer Joseph DiLorenzo and 1972 Olympic Bronze Medalist Steve Furniss and has grown since into one of the worlds most prestigious swimming and triathlon brands. The TYR Nose Clips, depute their slightly tacky look, are designed to get the job done. They work well, they don’t get lost easy, and they are used by many professional swimmers, meaning they must be effective.

    6. 2Pcs Swimming Competition Nose Clip for Adults

    2Pcs Swimming Competition Nose Clip for Adults

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    2 Pieces Swimming Competition Nose Clip is designed for adults by a company that has been around since 2004 providing quality products across multiple industries. Most of the previous buyers are bragging about their Uxcell nose clips; however, the manufacturer does mention that the clips are not good for diving, which is standard to over the nose clips. These are the preferred nose clips for kayaking, canoeing, and white water rafting, and are a favorite of many, providing all-day comfort while your out splashing around.

    Designed for Comfort

    Designed for extended periods of comfort and proven to work, the Swimming Competition Nose Clips have a simple design, with silicone tips and a stainless steel clip, offering protection from splashes and making them the perfect nose clips for beginners, kayaking, rafting, and more. From a company who has been in the business for years and stands behind their products with a full refund.

    5. BRBD Waterproof Silicone Swimming Nose Clip Plugs for Adults Children


    BRBD Waterproof Silicone Swimming Nose Clip Plugs for Adults Children

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    Silicone Nose Clip is made for adults, kids, and all sizes in between. They’re great for long periods of swimming and excellent for beginning swimmers. These Silicone Nose Clip come with a hard case for you to store them in, and they are said to be comfortable and efficient for previous customers. Rated high on various sales channels with colorful options to choose from, and our price to accommodate and made to get the job done.

    Designed for Comfort

    These pads are deliberately designed to be comfortable even during an extended period of use. They are made of plastic and silicone, made to be gentle on the skin and effective at keeping the water out.

    Excellent for Beginners

    The clips are hassle free and excellent for beginning swimmers who have way bigger obstacles in front of them. May not be suitable for children under 6.

    Excellent Customer Reviews

    Above average customer reviews, with reports of the Silicone Nose Clips being better than most clips at not falling off.


    The Silicone Nose Plugs by Water-Game are rated above average for this type of nose clip when compared to other nose clips like it. You can tell they went out of their way to make these clips soft because they look very soft. Customers are saying that they were a little tight at first if that helps, so if you have a little nose, these will probably be just right for you. Customers are claiming that they are effective, durable and that they like the color options.

    4. FINIS Nose Clip

    FINIS Nose Clip

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    FINIS Nose Clip is designed for comfort and effectiveness by a company that knows exactly what swimmers want out of their nose plugs because they are swimmers themselves. FINIS has been dedicated to delivering high-quality swimming products to professional and recreational swimmers since 1988, and they are notably very good at it. What started out as a dream, ended up a respected industry leader, and they deliver top quality products and have always intended to. These nose clips have an anatomic design that is both comfortable and effective, and they come with a carrying case for convenience.

    Features and Benefits

    1. Anatomic Design Built for Comfort

    FINIS Nose Clips are designed by professional swimming athletes who need their equipment to work and not bother them. FINIS Nose Clips will offer a comfortable, effective solution to the problem.

    2. Nylon Design to Prevent Slipping

    Well thought out design from start to finish. Nylon doesn’t slip on the skin underwater, so these clips will stay on better while you swim.

    3. Effective at Keeping Water Out

    The FINIS Nose Clips are designed to fit most noses comfortably, effectively, and keep water out!


    The FINIS Nose Clips are a done deal. Designed by a team of “swimmers, coaches, inventors, and do-gooders, that have been refining and successfully executing their inventions since 1988. They are dedicated to designing solutions for their fellow swimmers and perfectly fit for the job. These clips are said by owners to keep 98% of the water out, and if you pressurize your nostrils a little bit, you are teamed up with FINIS for a 100% effectiveness, and aquatic freedom.

    3. Swimming Nose Clips 3-Pack Pack Pro Edition by BLUPOND

    Effective at Keeping Water Out

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    The Swimming Nose clips and Earplugs 3-Pack Pack Pro Edition by BLUPOND are a great value and are also considered effective and comfortable. They stay on more than traditional nose plugs due to their dotted design that is porous. This saves time not having to readjust your nose or swim to the bottom for it, and it gives you the freedom to swim around like you want to because you can actually trust them to work. Made of a soft, comfortable medical grade silicone material specifically chosen for its softness, the Swimming Nose Clips 3-Pack Pack Pro Edition is made for ages six and above and fits most noses perfectly.

    Features and Benefits

    1. Soft and Comfortable

    The Swimming Nose Clips by BLUPOND are designed with the intent of making them some of the most comfortable nose clips on the market.

    2. Special Anti-Slip Design

    The material used to manufacture these are porous, specially chosen for its porous texture for its ability to cling to the nose underwater.

    3. Fits Most Noses

    Most noses from 6 years of age up will be a sure thing for these nose clips.

    4. Above Average Customer Reviews

    4.3 out of 5 stars for BLUPOND nose clips, and on the nose clip market, that stands out!


    The BLUPOND nose clips have an impressive following for some basic looking clips. They are bragged and commented on, and known for effectively and comfortably keeping water out of the nose, and hopefully will give you a more enjoyable swim, help prevent nasal infections, or whatever you want to get out of them. BLUPOND offers a full warranty, and have always stood behind their products.

    2. Speedo Competition Nose Clips

    Swimming Nose Clips 3-Pack Pack Pro Edition by BLUPOND

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    Speedo Competition Nose Clips are a favorite on various sales channels, with high customer reviews, and the majority of previous owners claiming them as a favorite. Speedo nose clips come with a low-profile fit, a six-month warranty, and they’re made with rubber coated stainless steel. These nose clips are designed to keep water out of the nose and stay on your face.

    Features and Benefits

    1. Effective Keeping Water Out

    Speedo has specialized in swimwear for long enough to be the top brand in the world definitely expect these to work.

    2. Used by Most Synchronized Swimmers

    The Speedo brand is worn and Favorited by all types of swimmer across the globe.

    3. Low Profile Fit

    Speedo nose clips are designed to perform effectively and stay out of the way so you can focus/

    4. Rubber Coated Stainless Steel

    Soft design has owners bragging that they are some of the most comfortable nose clips, despite their basic look.


    Speedo Competition Nose Clips are the most used nose clips for most synchronized swimmers, professional swimmers, and recreational swimmers. They are the world’s leading swimwear brand, and with their sworn dedication to life “in and around the water”, I wouldn’t bet on them losing it any time soon. Quality assured with a 90-day hassle-free refund.

    1. Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose ClipsAre

    Speedo Competition Nose Clips

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    Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose ClipsAre made with a lightweight, flexible nylon frame, and an improved frame shape that fits the contour of the nose bridge. Soft TPR pads provide a snug comfortable fit, allowing you to swim freely without having to worry about your nose clips.

    Features and Benefits

    1. Lightweight Flexible Nylon Frame

    Speedo only uses the best quality materials, allowing them to communicate their dedication to excellence to customers through the quality of their products.

    2. Comfortable and Proven Effective

    The Speedo brand Liquid Comfort Clips are named “liquid comfort” for a reason. Said by customers be super comfortable.

    3. Made by the World’s 1 Swimwear Brand!

    Speedo is the acclaimed world leader in swimwear.


    Speedo is the known world leader in swimwear, and that means that they aren’t budging. That sell to Olympic Athletes, organizations, and know that Speedo looks better on you when you swim than any other brand. Quite frankly, the world leader in anything wouldn’t claim this on their website, and not be able to pull it off. These clips are comfortable, effective, and most likely going to be a relationship after the first pair you buy.

    Final Thoughts

    Nose clips started out as an invention to defend us against nose infections and getting water in our nose, to help us stay healthy and have a more enjoyable swimming experience. Now that more and more professional athletes, recreational swimmers, and water exercises are emerging, there is more of a demand than ever to get them right. We are confident that our research has not been in vain. Thousands of happy customers with their favorite pair of nose plugs are hard to argue with, and some of the companies that designed these meant to get it done and behind us, and honestly may have done it. We recommend the Sinus Saver Water Sports Nose Plugs above all because they are designed by a surfer that was troubled with sinusitis until he finally found a method that worked. These plugs are backed by a strong positive customer feedback stating that they work, and are comfortable and out of the way for once. The others on the list are all well-designed nose plugs, just pick the ones that you think are best for you. Hopefully, any of the plugs we have selected will keep you free from water in your nose, sinus infections, and constantly having to adjust or swim for them, giving you the best swimming experience possible. Thanks for stopping by!

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