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Top 10 Best Motocross Neck Braces Reviews In 2020

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    Neck protection is vital when riding. It makes the entire experience fun and secure. The market has a variety of neck protectors for you to choose from. Sometimes, you might get confused because of similar features. This is where we come on board to help you select the best motocross neck braces so that when on your trip, you don’t have to worry about neck injuries.

    Key features you need to consider include; ease of fitting the brace, durability, lightweight nature and warranty. Have a look at the following 10 Best Motocross Neck Braces Reviews and get the one that meets your requirements.

    Table of the Best Motocross Neck Braces Reviews

    10. EVS Sports R4 Race Collar for Adult

    Motocross Neck Braces

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    This is a cost-effective type that prevents injuries on your collarbone. It has an adjustable rear strut and hence fits perfectly offering protection to your neck bone. The model comes with a Rapid lock closure system that makes the front entry stress free. Since the type features Bio-foam liner, you will get extra impact absorption. When you purchase this unit, you are guaranteed a long life use since it comes from high-quality materials.


    • Bio-foam liner for impact absorption
    • Made from quality materials hence durable
    • Adjustable rear strut for a customized fit
    • Rapid lock closure system for stress-free entry

    9. Leatt GPX 6.5 X-Large Neck Brace

    Leatt GPX 6.5 Neck Brace

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    If you want a large or extra-large neck brace, then this Leatt GPX is your deal. It features New MaxiWeave Carbon matrix making it rigid as well as a lightweight at 600grams. This allows you to feel the comfort when riding. There is also a helmet rim that rhymes well with your helmet hence completing the great looks. The side clearance is also friendly and will improve the look of your helmet. Finally, you will adjust the brace for easy fitting.


    • Lightweight for a stress-free operation
    • Large and extra-large to accommodate adults
    • Adjustable for a comfortable fit
    • Side clearance for easy fitting

    8. Ridbiker Motocross Neck Brace for Off-road Riding Body Protection 

    Motocross Neck Brace For Adult Motorcycle Cycling Protector Guard

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    Motocross Neck Brace is an excellent choice for adult motorcycle riders. Most youth riders who engage in multiple activities will find this brace vital for neck protection. It comes from quality materials protecting the back shoulders against impact and also ensuring temperature ranges are stable. The model also features anatomic profile which gets you a positive helmet contact hence allowing you freedom of movement.


    • Anatomic profile for great contact
    • Ultra lightweight for easy carrying
    • Has EVA foam inside for comfort and impact resistant
    • Rear stabilizer system that makes it easy for you to open and close the brace

    7. Scoyco N02B Motorcycle Neck Brace Support

    Scoyco N02B Motorcycle Neck Brace Support

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    If you want a brace that protects you against most types of flexion, then the Scoyco N02B is an excellent deal for you. It comes with a free sports cape that you can wear during your hiking moments. The design is professional and unique making it ideal for motorbike racing. Its also fashionable and cool looking hence will make you look unique. It’s super comfortable as it comes from friendly fabrics making it ideal for your neck protection.


    • Comfortable and fits correctly
    • Awesome design
    • Comes with free sport cape
    • Thick and hence offer excellent protection

    6. EVS R4K Adult Race Collar

    EVS R4K Race Collar - Adult

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    The EVS R4K Race Collar is a beautiful deal designed for durability. From the outward look, you will notice reflectors that make it visible at night. Since it features Koroyd Engineered Core, you will feel great when putting it on as its lightweight hence stress-free. The fact that it has enough foam, the protection is excellent, and you will realize superior energy absorption. Again, the energy displacement is across the shoulders hence comfortable.


    • Displacement spreads across the shoulders
    • Koroyd Engineered Core hence lightweight
    • Has enough foam for comfort
    • Has reflectors for visibility

    5. Motocross Neck Brace For Adult Motorcycle Cycling Protector Guard

    Motocross Neck Brace For Adult Motorcycle Cycling Protector Guard Off-road Riding Body Protection

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    If you are a youth rider who is specialized in a variety of activities, then this brace is developed for you. First, it features a backplate made from carbon fibre that will see you protect your back neck section fully. It also has an anatomic profile that makes it easy for you to move your neck. There is also the Rear stabilizer system which spreads the impact across the shoulders making it comfortable. Finally, the lightweight nature of this brace comes as a result of the foam fill hence comfortable and easy to carry along.


    • Durable model for your money
    • A rear stabilizer system for spreading the impact
    • The backplate for back section protection
    • Ultra-lightweight for comfort as well as ease of use

    4. Leatt Pro Lite Small/Medium Neck Brace

    Leatt Pro Lite Neck Brace

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    This model has a great history that makes it a great addition to the market. The brace is designed for easy fitting and will give you the required protection. The One-piece CoreFlex rear thoracic strut has top sides that add comfort to any rider. This CoreFlex rear thoracic strut also snaps off quickly in case of a severe crash. Additional support comes with the Lower rear padding which adds extra comfort to your neck region.


    • Lower rear padding for added comfort
    • CoreFlex rear thoracic strut for extra protection
    • The type snaps off quickly when a severe crash occurs
    • Designed for easy fitting

    3. Motocross Neck Brace For Adult Motorcycle Cycling Protector

    Motocross Neck Brace For Adult Motorcycle Cycling Protector

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    Here is another Motocross Neck Brace designed for youth riders who want to realize excellent protection from neck injuries. This is a black and red model that makes it look attractive. You will like the back plate that ensures you have total back protection. This also enhances equal spreading of a range of temperatures. The rider’s freedom of movement is also a guarantee as the anatomic profile improves proper helmet movement. Additionally, the Rear stabilizer system makes it easy for impact to be spread across the neck hence protecting the spine.


    • Ultra-lightweight and soft foam for added comfort
    • A rear stabilizer system for impact spreading
    • The backplate for total protection
    • Anatomic profile for natural neck movement

    2. EVS Sports R4 Youth Race Collar

    EVS Sports R4 Race Collar

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    A youth rider will love this EVS Sports R4 Race Collar. It’s a unique model with durable construction. The Hard moulded upper surface directs energy to the PU Core. You will also enjoy extra impact feeling courtesy of the bio-foam liner. Furthermore, you will realize natural front entry courtesy of the Rapid lock closure system. Finally, the Adjustable rear strut makes it comfortable as it customizes the fitting details.


    • Adjustable rear strut makes fitting easy
    • Bio-foam liner for added comfort
    • Rapid lock closure system hence the easy entry
    • The upper surface is hard for durability

    1. Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Adult Neck Brace

    Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Adult Neck Brace

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    This is a good looking red and white helmet for youth riding. It comes in large and extra-large denominations to allow you to fit the model that makes you happy. It’s made for durability hence the best deal for your money. Since it fits your neck correctly, you will love the protection. Besides being comfortable, this model snaps easily for easy entry and removal.


    • Durable type for your money
    • Snaps easily for stress-free use
    • Lightweight for easy carrying
    • Has a comfortable inside liner


    Whether you are an adult, youth or kid, you need a neck brace for protection when riding. The recommended types are availed and will get you the best outcome. We, therefore, recommend to you these ten best motocross neck braces for your safety. Ensure you pick the right model that meets your requirements. Get one from this neck braces and see the outcome for yourself.

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