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Top 10 Best Olympic Gymnastics Balance Beams Review In 2022

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    Olympic Gymnastics balance beams are an excellent way for children to learn and practice balance. They provide the kids with the best platform to learn gymnastic skills at an early age. Getting the best Olympic Gymnastics balance beams requires careful selection of the available choices online.  In the review, we have selected what we think are the best Olympic gymnastics balance beams for your little ones to learn gymnastic skills. Make sure you go through our reviews before committing to buy a gymnastic balance beam.

    Top 10 Best Olympic Gymnastics Balance Beams Reviews

    10-The Beam Store 8-inch Suede Balance Beam

    The Beam Store 8' Suede Balance Beam

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    This is an excellent Olympic balance beam with a low profile design and wood core for easy practice without sliding. The beam features 12-inch wide support to remain stable throughout the practice session. It is an 8-feet long and 7-inch high beam balance with a foam top for comfortable practice. The high-quality synthetic suede makes this beam feel professional and of good quality. Overall, it holds a maximum of 250 pounds and features rounded corners for safety.


    • Padded top and rounded corners for safety
    • Measures 8-feet long and 7-inches high
    • Low profile beam with wood-core
    • Synthetic suede covering

    9-Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Balance Beam

    Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Balance Beam

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    This is a high-quality gymnastic Olympic bar with a two-layer of foam to provide you with the right amount of firmness for practice.  The beam will last you for long offering you good value for money. Velcro straps on either end of this beam allow for connection to more beams. It is a 4-feet long beam with a 4-inch top surface area. However, the base is 8-inches wide to offer great stability. Overall, this is a lightweight balance beam weighing a mere 4 lbs. You can carry it with you anywhere for practice.


    • Velcro straps on either side for easy connection to other beams
    • Lightweight design weighing 4 lbs.
    • Tough two-layer foam for great firmness
    • A wide 8-inch base for stability

    8-We Sell Mats 9-inch Folding floor balance beam

    We Sell Mats 9' Folding Floor Balance Beam

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    This is the best balance beam for beginners and an ideal for developing the skills of cheerleaders and beginners. It features a professional 4-inch top which matches the Olympic standards. It is a long 9-feet beam but one that easily folds to allow for easy storage and transport. The beam top features medium density foam for comfortable landing, donkey kicks, leaps, jumps, and handstands. The base is also wide at 6-inches for improved stability.


    • A wide 6-inch base for stability
    • Measures 9 by 2.5 by 4 inches
    • Medium density foam core
    • Foldable

    7-Milliard Wood Folding Balance Beam 9.5 feet Gymnastics Floor Beam

    Milliard Wood Folding Balance Beam 9.5 Feet Gymnastics Floor Beam, Wood Base with Foam Top and Carry Handle for All Level Skill Performance Training

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    This is a solid wood balance beam with a foam layer to offer the right firmness. It is a long 9.5 feet beam offering users the best length to walkover, handstand, cartwheel and several other exercises. This is a versatile beam ideal for all ages. It works well for practicing and learning new skills. It features a lie-flat hinge that dies not damage floors. Overall, this is a suitable beam ideal for all types of floors. It features a 6-inch bottom and 4-inch foam padded top.


    • Long beam measuring 9.5-feet
    • Wide base for stability
    • Lie flat hinges that do not damage floors
    • Two layers of wood beneath

    6-Z Athletic Gymnastics Folding Training Low Beam for Gymnastics

    Z Athletic Gymnastics Folding Training Low Beam for Gymnastics, Tumbling

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    The Z Athletics beam is sold in two-lengths of 8 and 9 feet so that you can choose what best works for you. It is a lightweight design ideal for use everywhere you go.  The beam easily folds into half allowing for easy transport and is a top selection Olympic balance beam with a high-density cross-linked foam core or great support.  Your feet can walk over it comfortably without sinking. Over, this is a durable balance beam with synthetic suede covering for long-lasting use.


    • Synthetic suede covering
    • Available in two-lengths of 8 and 9 feet
    • Lightweight and foldable into half
    • High-density foam core

    5-Junior Gymnastics Balance Beam-8-feet folding foam low floor beam

    Junior Gymnastics Balance Beam – 8 Ft Folding Foam Low Floor Beam – Premium 18oz Vinyl with Additional High Density EVA Foam Strip for Safety

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    This is a low-profile balance beam ideal for balance beam beginner skills.  It is a lightweight design beam that folds into two to allow for easy storage and transport. You can carry this beam with you everywhere you and practice on your travels. It features an 18-ounce vinyl which is extremely hard wearing and top PU leather for comfortable practice. It also features a non-slip base for stability and safety. The 1/3-inch EVA foam helps to prevent the feet from sinking as you walk over. Overall, this is a lightweight, easy to use and store beam to consider buying this year.


    • 8-feet long
    • Non-slip base
    • Extra 1/3-inch EVA foam
    • Lightweight and easy to store

    4-8FT Long Gymnastics Balance Beam with Carrying Bag

    8FT Long Olympic Gymnastics Balance Beams with Carry Bag | A Serious Practice Balance Beam for Kids, Beginners & Professional Gymnasts. Non-Slip Home Gymnastics Beam Folding Down to 4’ for Easy Storage (Pink)

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    This is a balance beam for beginners, kids and professionals with heavy grade density foam to prevent legs from sinking. It is a safe and easy to use a beam with an exterior covered with the faux-suede which is durable and non-slip.  The top surface of this beam offers the right balance between firmness and softness. It is a top choice Olympic balance beam that has been tested guaranteeing you a great time and safety. It also comes with a 1-month guarantee so that you can test it without fear.


    • Non-slip top
    • Faux-suede exterior
    • High-density EVA foam
    • Folding and lightweight

    3-Junior Gymnastics Balance Beam

    Junior Gymnastics Balance Beam – 8 Ft Folding Wood Core Low Floor Beam with Anti-Slip Base, Recessed Hinges, Foam Top and Carry Handles

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    This is a stable balance beam safe for use at home or gym with a non-slip base preventing slipping. The beam also features a wooden core to prevent the feet from sinking while also protecting your floors. Synthetic suede covers the top surface for long-lasting use. This is an extremely versatile beam that can be used to perform a wide range of moves. It folds at the hinges into a 4-foot long bar which is easy to store and transport.


    • Folds into half at the hinges
    • Non-slip base
    • Wood core and foam top
    • Recessed hinges that protect floors

    2-Z-Athletic Gymnastics Off Ground Training Balance Beam

    Z-Athletic Gymnastics Off Ground Training Balance Beam

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    This is an off-ground balance beam with an adjustable height of 19-25 inches. This gives you options to practice at different height levels depending on your skills. It is a strong wooden beam with quality laminated top using high-quality suede. The beam measures 8 by 4 inches and holds a maximum of 250lbs. It is comfortable to use and feature cross-linked foam top for cushioning.


    • Foam padded top for cushion
    • Adjustable height from 19-25 inches
    • Strong wood
    • Laminated core

    1-Xtek Gym 6ft Sectional Balance Beam

    Xtek Gym 6ft Sectional Balance Beam, Extra Long Floor Gymnastics Beam | Lightweight & Heavy Duty Foam | Professional Home Training Gymnastics Equipment for Kids Adults

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    This is a 6-feet long professional floor balancing beam with a 4-inch top same as the competition beams. It also features stable 6-inch wide base to avoid toppling over. There are two foam layers in this beam preventing flattening. Efficiently practice handstands, walkover, cartwheel, donkey kicks, leaps, jumps and other moves without your feet sinking an inch. It is a versatile beam loved by coaches and gymnasts worldwide. Buy with confidence as it also comes with the money back guarantee.


    • Easy to move and lightweight
    • Two-foam layers to preventing flattening
    • Suede top surface
    • Nonslip base


    Lets you little ones practice gymnastics at an early age by buying them the best Olympic gymnastics balance beams today. We’ve reviewed the top bars for you to buy so choose with confidence knowing you’re buying from the best quality.

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