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Top 10 Best Portable Camping Toilets for Travel Reviews In 2022

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    Portable camping toilets are used in any place where normal home toilets are absent or inconvenient-entirely from, cabins to boats to workshops to campsites. They are easy to transport and perfect for everyday use. Since they are so many different types of camping toilet brands available on the market, it can be quite difficult for you to pick the best toilet that fits your needs. To help you get the best toilet, we have listed and reviewed the top 10 most highly ranked toilets in 2022. Now go ahead and make a choice from the list of top 10 best camping portable toilets.

    Table of the Best Portable Camping Toilets Reviews

    10. Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet for Camping, RV & Boating

    Portable Camping Toilets

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    Camco Standard 5.3 gallon portable toilet is designed for boating, RV or any other outdoor recreation activity.  It is made from high-quality polyethylene material making durable and lightweight. It comes with 5.3-gallon waste holding tank and 2.5-gallon flush tank. Its tanks are easily detachable for easy transport and it features sealing slide valve to lock in odours and protect against leakage. This toilet also has carrying handles for easy transport. The toilet also comes with an easy-to-use flush system which easily washes the waste

    Key features:

    • 330 lb weight capacity
    • Durable polyethylene construction
    • Lightweight and convenient design
    • comes with handles for easy carrying

    9. SereneLife Portable Toilet Potty Seat- SLCATL320

    SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet with Carry Bag

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    Whether heading off for an unforgettable camping trip, travelling or back with your family and friends, this portable camping toilet lets you for whenever and wherever nature calls. The toilet comes with a waste storage tank that has a capacity of 5.3 gallons. It also has a 2.5-gallon flush tank allows you to flash more than 50 times. Moreover, this toilet has a double-sealed drain valve that protects against any leakage. The toilet comes with a storage bag for easy storage and transport around the campsite

    Key features:

    • Rugged & Durable & Construction
    • Easy-to-Clean & Corrosion-Resistant
    • 3-gallon waste tanks
    • Comes with a carrying case

    8. Portable Toilet Camping Porta Potty – 5 Gallon Waste Tank

    Portable Toilet Camping Porta Potty - 5 Gallon Waste Tank

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    The ZIMMER is a small and lightweight portable toilet which is ideal for camping trips, travel, and boating. It made from easy to clean polyethylene material that is weather resistant and lightweight. This camping toilet also has a 5-gallon waste-water holding tank ad 3-gallon freshwater holding tank that allows users to flush 50 to 70 times before you refill it. The toilet is well sealed to prevent against leakage. Additionally, each tank comes with handles for easy carrying.

    Key feature:

    • Made of high-density polyethylene
    • It weighs 9.75 lbs
    • Easy dumping and filling of tanks
    • It arrives fully assembled

    7. Upgraded Portable Flushing Camping Toilet

    VINGLI Upgraded Portable 5.3 Gallon Flushing Camping Toilet

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    The flush is a fantastic compact and lightweight toilet that is perfect for people who go boating, camping and hunting. This toilet is made from high-density polyethylene material which makes it durable and lightweight. Furthermore,  it has 5.3-gallon detachable waste holding tanks and 3-gallon flush tank that provide you 95 to 98 times effective flushes. The toilet also comes with a wastes level liquid indicator that helps you to know the inner waste amount, when the waste holding tank is full it indicates with a red colour.

    Key features:

    • Corrosion-Resistant & Easy-to-Clean
    • Durable & rugged construction
    • comes with a foldable carrying bag
    • Maximum weight capacity: 441 lbs

    6. JAXPETY Outdoor Travel Camping Portable Toilet

    JAXPETY 5 Gallon 20L Flush Porta Potti Outdoor Indoor Travel Camping Portable Toilet

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    If you are looking for a portable camping toilet that is a light more lightweight and works great, then the JAXPETY Outdoor portable toilet is a great choice. This is toilet has a 20l waste holding tank for added convenience. It also comes with a powerful flashing system for easy and effective cleaning of the waste.  This toilet weighs only 9.75 lb for easy carrying.

    Key features:

    • Lightweight and convenient design
    • It arrives fully assembled
    • Durable construction & rugged
    • It has stain-resistant surfaces

    5. Best Choice Products Camping Travel Portable Toilet

    Best Choice Products Camping Hiking Dual Spray Jets Travel Outdoor Portable Toilet

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    The Best Choice Products camping toilet is designed for outdoor recreational activities such as road trip, hiking, and camping. The top part features a freshwater reservoir with a large holding capacity of 3 gallons to eliminate continuous refilling. The waste holding tank is located at the bottom and has a holding capacity of 5 gallons. This toilet also comes with a large seat for added comfort.

    Key features:   

    • Maximum weight seat capacity: 440 lbs
    • Multi-directional flush piston
    • Leak-proof and odourless
    • The seat is very comfortable.

    4. Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Camping Recreation Toilet

    Portable Outdoor Camping Recreation Toilet

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    This is a self-contained portable toilet that perfect for boating, camping, hiking or any other recreation activities. it comes with a three – gallon freshwater tank and a five- gallon waste tank. The tanks are constructed from high-density polyethylene material and they are leak proof.  Emptying and refilling this very easy compared to other models. Lastly, this toilet comes with a simple-to-use flush system; you just need to press the button down after use to release fresh clean-water. Overall, this is a lightweight and study camping toilet that comes with affordable price.

    Key features:

    • The tanks are Leak-proof
    • Lightweight and Compact design
    • It weighs 9.75 lbs
    • Made of high-density polyethylene

    3. JAXPETY Outdoor/Indoor Travel Camping Portable Toilet

    Travel Camping Portable Toilet for Car, Boat

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    The JAXPETY 2.8 Gallon camping toilet comes with a sleek and simple design that makes it resemble the normal home toilet. This toilet comes has a 10L waste holding tank for added convenience and comfort. The toilet comes with a powerful flushing system compared to other expensive models. It is also easy to empty the waste tanks and to refill the fresh water holding taking.

    Key features:

    • Gross weight: 5.4kg
    • 10L capacity waste tank
    • Perfect for both adult and children
    • Stain resistant surfaces

    2. Dometic 301097606 Grey Portable Toilet – 5.0 Gallon

    Dometic 301097606 Portable Toilet 5.0 Gallon, Gray

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    Here is a really solidly and well designed portable camping toilet. Dometic is a well-known brand when it comes to quality camping toilet design. This toilet is a perfect choice when trekking, hiking, camping or if you just need to have an emergency toilet while travelling. It is made from high-strength ABS plastic material for added durability and easy cleaning. This toilet comes with prismatic tank level indoor which allows you to easily monitor the tank level. For added cleaning, this toilet comes with an easy to operate push-flush-button

    Key features:

    • Full-size seat for comfort
    • Has tank level indicator
    • 0 Gallon waste tank
    • Lightweight and compact

    1. Camco Premium Portable Travel Toilet with Directional Flush 

    Camco 41544 Premium Portable Travel Toilet

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    The Camco 41545 portable travel toilet also ranks top10 best portable camping toilets in 2022.  This toilet has 5.3 waste holding tank and 3.75-gallon flush tank. The waste tank is detachable for easy emptying and carrying. The toiled comes with slide gate valve that tightly seals in odours and prevents leakage. The interior surface is made from slick ABS material that helps to prevents odours from sticking and makes clean up easy.

    Key features:

    • Made from stain-resistant material
    • Dimensions: 16.4 by 16.25 by 18.4 inches
    • 3-gallon waste holding tank
    • 75-gallon flush tank
    • Weights 11.7lbs when empty.

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