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Top 10 Best Outdoor Roller Skates for Kids In 2022

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    In order to be able to master the art of roller skating, you need to get hold of a good pair of roller skates. The years of growing up are certainly the best years of everyone’s life, as this is the time one has the courage to experiment with various passions. Kids get attracted towards different kinds of sports and activities and spend quite a lot of time indulging in those. Among the many of different field games and indoor games, there are a few who are seriously affectionate towards roller skating. It’s a sport that requires a lot of speed in it and requires undivided attention. The thrill of gliding on wheels through the different roads and attempting those skills and tricks is something that is fancied by a lot of people.

    With the rising popularity of this sport, you would find innumerable options of roller skates out in the market. This article carefully briefs down the best roller skates for kids that have the perfect combination of durability and accessibility. Have a look at it before you choose to buy one.

    Table of the Best Roller Skates for Kids Reviews

    10. Roller Derby Adjustable Roller Skate for Kids

    Roller Skates

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    We know that people value more the machinery which is handcrafted. The Roller Derby Boy’s Skate is a man-made product and extremely lightweight patented torsion that also has beam frame. Coming with 54mm of Urethane wheels and 608z accelerator bearings, the adjustable skates work like magic every time you put it on your feet. Moreover, it has adjustable sizing with hinge-cuff and cam lever buckle closure that fits growing feet with ease and comfort.

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    9. Roller Derby Girl’s Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skate

    Roller Derby Girl's Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skate

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    You want your daughter to feel like a princess while she glides around in the park or the school campus? The Roller Derby skates for girls are a perfect combination of appealing looks and supreme comfort. It features a soft comfortable padding and moulded ankle support unit so that your princess never encounters any pain even when she is skating for long hours. Plus, it has Cam Lever locking buckles and cast wheels that are made of polyurethane for better riding experience. All set to make the head turns with this pretty looking roller skates.

    8. Roller Derby Women’s Candi Girl Carlin Roller Skates

    Roller Derby Women's Candi Girl Carlin Roller Skates

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    It is undoubtedly one of the best looking roller skates for women in the market and is available in different pop-colours. The upper material is made out of brushed suede while in the inner there is a suede-leather lining for added comfort and even reinforced heels as well as toes add to the thrill of the ride. Furthermore, the aluminium chassis with aluminium trucks and cushioned PU wheels ensures a smoother ride with top-notch longevity and reliability. Speed and smoothness will never be a concern as the bearings are Silver 5 race rated with PU cast wheels.

    7. Chicago Skates Chicago Women’s White Rink Skates

    Chicago Skates Chicago Women’s White Rink Skates

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    This classic roller skate for women is just marvellous. Classic and traditional high-top boots to support the ankles like any regular boots and the double adjustable aluminium base plate with adjustable trucks and chassis deliver supreme turn and control on the go. The boots are made of vinyl material and fitted with 60 mm urethane wheels and 608z semi-precision speed bearings make sure you can have immense fun both at indoors and out on the roads. It doesn’t matter if you have just started with this hobby or you are a pro at this, the Chicago Classic Skates will keep up with you in every direction.

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    6. Chicago Skates Women’s Leather Lined Rink Skate

    Chicago Skates Women's Leather Lined Rink Skate

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    Leather lined shoes ensure long-term premium durability and the Leather lined manufacturing of the Chicago Women skating shoes featuring a classic design makes sure you have immense fun while doing social skating or occasional gliding. Further, the leather-lined skate for women has a top design with premium quality laces so that the rider has supreme comfort and safety while skating. It even provides high-end stability and control as the shoes have urethane wheels and aluminium base plate with adjustable trucks. Cruising will never be a worrying factor anymore!

    5. Roller Derby Roller Star Women’s Size

    Roller Derby Roller Star Women's Size

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    No one enjoys a skating experience that takes a toll on your legs and feet. The Roller Derby has exactly worked on this issue and came up with a design that can reward the skaters with fantastic solace every single time. This roller Derby skates feature a freestyle comfortably fitting boot that has cozy padded inner lining with reinforced support for your heels. Moreover, the RTX Pro Chasis influences in providing a super fun and stable ride with sheer control and speed. The lace-up closure ensures a better fit and the 56mm urethane wheels work like a wonder on any type of surface. Say high to new-age roller skating!

    4. Chicago Skates Chicago Girl’s White Rink Skates

    White Rink Skates

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    If an old-school classic design is what you fancy, this is an ideal choice for a superior roller skating experience. The Chicago 1900 roller skate features a compelling snowy white colour made out of vinyl upper. It fits true to size and rewards with an overwhelming feeling as the comfortable lacing system along with Velcro Power Strap help you have the perfect fit. Further, high impact oversized wheels along with oversized PVC spoke core and an adjustable chassis with trucks always helps you have the upper hand in control and stability. Also, it features a lightweight design for a better cruising experience on the go.

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    3. Roller Derby Boys’ Firestar Roller Skates

    Roller Derby Boys’ Firestar Roller Skates

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    Sports shoes are always more comfortable than what you wear every day, so the Roller Derby Boys roller skates feature the most amazing sports shoes with a secure lacing system, padded collars and power straps. The lightweight torsion beam chassis with 608ZB bearings and 54mm urethane wheels help you glide with confidence and precision every single time in any area. What more do you want?

    2. Chicago Girls’ Sidewalk Skate

    Chicago Girl's Sidewalk Skate

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    The iconic design of the sidewalk skate from Chicago Skate is suited for an overall outstanding skating experience. Though it looks like a sidewalk skate ideal for gliding, the strategy behind the design makes it a popular and loved choice even for all-around rinks and social skating. The imported quality material offers top-notch durability as well as also reliability and the man-made design is impressive enough. Get this high-boot that has four oversized wheels of superior quality to your home and obtain stability by being in comfort.

    1. Chicago Skate Chicago Boys’ Sidewalk Skate

    Chicago Skate Chicago Boys’ Sidewalk Skate

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    Roller skating demands undivided attention and a lot of confidence, so the best boy skate that sits at the top position has to be really supportive in terms of reliability, speed and control. The Chicago Boys skate features a high top lightweight boot that is easy to wear and open with premium quality laces for added protection, comfort and sense of security. Besides having a great fit, the skate also features four premium and oversized wheels which make it super smooth to glide through the streets or indoors. Enjoy a fit that you can always make you feel your best.

    Roller skating is the favourite of a maximum individual but before trying to start learning the skill of skating, you need to have trustworthy roller skates for kids. Hence, before proceeding with your decision, compare among the excellent roller skates for your own or kid’s safety. More: Best bike shorts

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