Top 10 Best Cultivators in 2019

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Are you planning to build a home garden and need essential tools? We know that you won’t miss a cultivator. Finding a right cultivator for your garden isn’t so easy since there are many garden cultivators for sale. You need to learn a lot about how a cultivator functions and different qualities of each best cultivators.

We help you to find the right one by recommending you some of the best products.

Here are the top ten best cultivators in 2019

10. Sun Joe

Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden -Cultivators

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Do you want to build a garden but couldn’t find a good garden tiller for sale? That’s not the end because Sun Joe can help you to fulfill your dream. Sun Joe deserves the tenth-best place for several reasons. It is as powerful as 13.5 amp machine. The size of cultivation could be 16” in width and 8” in depth. Furthermore, the angled tines are made of steel. There are also six tines. As a result, the tines will be durable and strong with high performance.

Additionally, there is also handle folds so that you can easily control the machine. What’s more, it also comes with wheel adjustment that you can set for three different positions. Lastly, the model comes with a two-year warranty.

9. VonHaus

VonHaus 12.5 Inch 7 Amp Electric Garden Tiller

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The ninth-best cultivator goes to VonHaus. This is unbelievable that VonHaus got the place. However, the machine has several great qualities that we cannot deny. VonHaus comes with a motor as powerful as 850W. Isn’t it strong for a cultivator? Additionally, the model comes with four tines made of steel. There are additional four sharp blades. Therefore, the cultivator can till as deep as 8.6 inches while the width range is up to 12.5 inches.

Furthermore, there are two handles so that you can enjoy controlling it with more stability and convenience. What’s more, VonHaus is also designed for safety purpose and emergency case as well. Lastly, the cultivator is as heavy as 29.7 lbs.

8. Corona

Corona GT 3070 Extendable Handle Cultivator

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Do you still hesitate to consider an option? Corona might not doubt you, and you will fall in love with its performances. There are several reasons that make Corona deserves the eighth-best place. The cultivator can reach as deep as 32 inches. Additionally, it is strong while the cultivator comes with a handle made of aluminum. The handle is lightweight; as a result, it is easy to control and move the cultivator.

Furthermore, the head of cultivator is heat treated in order to ensure durability of the product against any possible damages. What’s more, the cultivator also resists rustiness and chips. Lastly, the product comes with a lifetime warranty. You should not wait anymore. You should better get it now.

7. Greenworks

Greenworks 10-Inch 40V Cordless Cultivator

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Are there other good options? Greenworks can be one of the best options. The cultivator deserves the seventh-best place for following reasons. The performance is high because Lithium-Ion battery is used to empower the machine. Additionally, there are four rotating tines. Each tine is as long as eight inches. As a result, it has high ability to dig.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the width of tilling from 8.25 inches to 10 inches so that you can make it to its fullest potential. Lastly, the depth is tilling is five inches. Hence, the cultivator can help you to arrange a good garden.

6. Mantis

Mantis 4-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7940 Powered by Honda – Lightweight

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Mantis is the sixth-best cultivator for several reasons. The machine uses 25cc engine; as a result, it is so powerful. The spinning speed of tines are faster than typical cultivator two times. Furthermore, it is as heavy as 24 pounds. Hence, it is not heavy to control. What’s more, the throttle can be controlled by fingers so that it is easy to control speed and operation.

Plus, Mantis’s length is only nine inches. It is best designed for small size of garden. Also, the tines can dig up to ten inches. Lastly, the product comes with a five-year warranty on tiller and engine, as well as lifetime warranty on tines.

5. Mantis 2-Cycle

Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7920 – Ultra-Lightweight

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Do you still hesitate to get an option? Mantis 2-Cycle can clear your hesitation. The model deserves the fifth-best place for several reasons. The machine is lightweight. As a result, it is easy to control. Moreover, the size is compact, but the machine is powerful. You won’t doubt its performance once you get it. Furthermore, it can dig up to ten inches while the tilling width is nine inches.
What’s more, the cultivator can be folded. Therefore, it won’t consume much space when you keep it. Lastly, it uses both gas and oil.

4. Earthquake

Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator Tiller

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The fourth-best cultivator goes to Earthquake. There are several advantages that the manual tiller receives the rank. The cultivator can serve various ranges of purposes including weeding and aerating. Additionally, the wheels can be adjusted on board so that you can easily transport the machine. Furthermore, all the control jobs are done by only your hands; as a result, you can expect it to fully perform by removing weeds.

You don’t need to bounce and jump so that you can get the right target. Plus, the engine is so powerful. Lastly, tiller and engine have a five-year warranty.

3. Sun Joe

Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe Garden

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Sun Joe is as fancy as its name. There are several reasons that make the produce got the third-best rank. Sun Joe is designed for medium and small garden. As a result, it is highly recommended that you get Sun Joe by considering your garden’s size. Furthermore, the machine is also powerful by using motor of 6.5 amp. Therefore, it can cultivate as wide as 14 inches and as deep as 7 inches.

What’s more, the tilling blades are made of steel. There is no wonder that the blades will be durable and highly-functioned. Plus, Sun Joe uses oil-engine. Lastly, the product comes with a two-year warranty.

2. Sun Joe TJ603E

Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator

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The second-best field cultivator goes to Sun Joe TJ603E. There are several reasons that the machine got the rank. This Sun Joe’s model is so powerful because the motor is 12 amp. Therefore, it can cultivate as wide as 16 inches and as deep as 8 inches. Additionally, the angled tines are made of steel, and the cultivator comes with 6 tines. We are sure that the material is durable, and the tines will be highly performed.

What’s more, it comes with handle folds so that you can easily control the cultivator. The wheel adjustment comes with three positions as well. Lastly, Sun Joe TJ603E comes with a two-year warranty.

1. Earthwise

Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller-best cultivator

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The first-best place goes to Earthwise. The model got the rank for a few reasons. It can cultivate as wide as 11 inches while the depth is eight inches. Furthermore, the machine is super-powerful because the rotary tiller uses 8.5 Amp motor. Additionally, there are four tines, and each tine has four blades.

The tines are made of steel. Moreover, the wheels are best designed for easy transport. Lastly, the machine is lightweight. You should get it now.


We know it is a hard decision because there are ten garden tillers with similar good qualities. However, we recommend you choose the one that fits to you and your garden. If you have any feedbacks on our review, please feel free to write us. We are looking forward to reading your comments and suggestions.

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