Top 10 Best Footboards Set for Small Beds in 2018 Reviews

A footboard is a panel that is used when forming the foot of the bed so that it can be complete in giving support. You should put the size of the bed into consideration when choosing one. When you have a small bed, then the footboards discussed in this article will come in handy helping you make up your mind. The finish of the footboard should be stylish and complement the room’s décor so that it fits in well. With the numerous brands that are in the market, the features of the bestselling can help you narrow down on your options.

10. Powell Landon

Powell Landon
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This footboard is for queen size and full beds. It has been designed with sleek and simple lines so that it can be unique. You will love the rich antique walnut finish on it so that it can be used on different styles of beds. It will require some assembly, but that will not take much time. It can be adjusted so that it can be a perfect fit.

9. Atlantic Furniture

Atlantic Furniture
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The wood used to make this footboard is eco-friendly so that you can keep your family and visitors safe when using it. It is designed to give a contemporary style to your bedroom. It also allows drawers to be placed under the bed and will also be compatible with trundle bed. The assembly that is required on it is a hook and pin. You will be able to save on space as it is narrow.

8. Holland House

Holland House
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This footboard has been constructed using wood veneers, solid hardwood, and wood products so that it can be strong enough when giving support to the bed. It has a platinum finish that is beautiful. It is ideal for a queen bed. You will get it at a pocket-friendly price and be able to have some extra bucks. It will blend well with a faux tufted headboard.

7. Renovator’s Supply

Renovator’s Supply
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This footboard has been designed with clean lines so that you can have an easy time when using it. It also has a raised panel and a molding trim that makes it look stylish. You will love the footboard kit that is unfinished and ready to stain that comes with it. Your bed will look stylish when you use this footboard and other bed accessories. Have a high-quality footboard that will last you long.

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6. Carolina Furniture Works

Carolina Furniture Works
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This footboard gives you the chance to store one or two storage units on either side of the bed. You can use it on a standard twin bed, and it will work perfectly. It has been made with hardwood so that it can give a bed a contemporary look. It has a satin nickel hardware construction that will make it blend on with drawer fronts of any finish.

5. Sauder 415137

Sauder 415137
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You will have an easy time assembling this footboard because it has patented slide-on moldings. It is attractive with the Washington Cherry finish that it has. This footboard is stylish and is able to give your room an authentic and modern look. You will get it with rails so that you can easily attach it to a full or queen size bed. It will also blend in with most bedroom décor.

4. Carolina Furniture Works 537233

Carolina Furniture Works 537233
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This footboard is made from hardwood so as to be strong and durable. Its panel is raised so that you can be able to fit storage units under the bed. You will love the incredible look that it will give your bedroom. Its size is perfect for a small bed. The dimensions are 41.2’’ by 2.8’’ by 16.2’’. Have a good night rest with the support that this footboard gives your bed.

3. Carolina Furniture Works 537243

Carolina Furniture Works 537243
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This footboard is vintage gray in color and blends the traditional and modern look to make your room stylish. It has 4/6poster. It has been made with hardwood so that it is durable. Its dimensions are 56.2’’ by 2.8’’ by 16.2’’ so that it can fit small beds. Its panel is raised so that you can be able to fit storage units under the bed.

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2. Sauder Barrister Lane

Sauder Barrister Lane
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With this footboard will have to get a separate bracket to utilize on it or you can opt for a bed frame that has an integral footboard bracket kit. It has an engineered wood construction so that it can give the efficient strength. It will also serve you for a long time. It is ideal for attaching to a queen size bed, and it will fit perfectly.

1. Sauder Pogo Footboard

Sauder Pogo Footboard
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Now you can have a multipurpose footboard that you can also use as a bookcase. It helps keep your children’s room organized as it has cubbyhole and bin storage. You will be able to have storage ID so that you can easily retrieve toys and even books kept on it. It has a soft white finish. The curve design is playful and will fit in any playroom. It is made of engineered wood.


Some footboards are versatile so that they can perform more than one functions. There are those that allow you to place storage units under the bed and there are others can be used as a bookcase because they come with shelves. There are those that you can utilize for your little one’s room so that you keep it organized with the cubbyhole that will offer you space for storing toys and books. Grab your best footboards set for small beds no.

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