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Top 10 Best Waterproof Sprays for Shoes in 2022 Reviews

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    Looking for the best way to keep your shoes shining and durable? It is the best time you start using waterproof sprays. They are special formulations that are designed for easy application on your shoes or boots. They form a waterproof coating that resists moisture penetration, keeping the fibers protected for long-lasting performance. They are easy to apply and work on a variety of fabrics. Besides, they come in easy applicators to allow precise and easy application. Choosing the best can be tricky since we’ve a bewildering array of choices to choose from. Having taken enough time to research about waterproof sprays for shoes, we proudly present top 10 best waterproof sprays in 2022 reviews.

    10. Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery Protector, 14-Ounce

     Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery Protector, 14-Ounce
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    Product highlight

    • Strong formulation
    • Dries clearly and odorless
    • Simple straightforward application
    • Strong fabric protection that repels stains
    • Ideal for soft and hard fabrics

    Scotchgard waterproof spray boasts a strong and unique formulation that is ideal for a wide range of fabrics. It has unique properties repels liquids and stains without having to change the feel and the look of the fabric. Once applied to the fabric, it forms a waterproof and protective layer that allows the stains to be wiped easily. Besides, it comes with a can that has a capacity of 14 ounces. This volume plus the rich formulation is ideal for use in the jacket, furniture, shoes, bags or other items made of a delicate fabric.

    Once applied on anything, this chemical dries quickly and this eliminates odor formation. Moreover, it is very easy to apply it since there is no procedural process required.  In addition, scotch guard waterproof spray is applicable on things such as upholstery, pillows, curtains, canvas shoes among other fabric made items.

    9. Kiwi Boot Protector, waterproof spray 12 Ounce

    Kiwi Boot Protector, waterproof spray 12 Ounce
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    Product highlight

    • Special silicone formula
    • Ideal for outdoor boots and shoes
    • Improves the breathability of the fabric
    • Water and stain resistant formulation
    • Odorless once dried and cured

    Kiwi is known all over the world and is probably one of the oldest shoe protective formula. It isn’t by guesswork or by any chance, but the truth remains the truth. It features a unique formula that isn’t present in other brands. Actually, it is a secret formula that is pretty hard to mimic and produce counterfeit products. But the general formula is a silicone compound which provides amazing benefits to your fabrics. It is exclusively for those boots and shoes that are meant for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking or daily casual use.

    The best feature is that it doesn’t affect the breathability of the fabric but instead makes it more efficient. This model doesn’t allow the formation of odors. It dries and cures   quickly on the fabric forming a semi-permanent layer that protects the shoes from water, stains and all harmful chemicals. The water and stain tolerant formula makes cleaning of the fabric easy as it only requires a damp cloth. It is an economical formula in that it lasts for several days and hence wouldn’t necessitate use on daily basis.

    8. Kiwi stain and rain Protector

    Kiwi stain and rain Protector
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    Product highlight

    • All-weather protection
    • Ease of application
    • Compatible with other shoe care products
    • Provides smooth finish
    • Doesn’t alter the breathability of the fabric

    Are you looking for a must-have water spray and stain resistant formula to protect your boots? This kiwi formula is a sure way of delivering incredible shoe fabric protection in all seasons. The formula features unique ingredients that harden the fabric ready for any jungle weather. Also, it softens the fabric depending on the prevailing weather to make your feet comfortable for a long time. Ideally, it offers a special coating on your fabric and sinks into the fibers so as to improve breathability while making it completely water resistant.

    Your shoes can stay as clean as new once you decide to use this formulation on regular basis. Besides, it allows the use of sued and leather cleaners to enhance an excellent functionality. Thus, your shoe remains resistant to any potential hazard such as stain, water drops, dew, oil and any other contaminant you may encounter on daily basis. Moreover, it is an all-round protector that works on a wide range of products made of leather not just shoes and boots.

    7. Granger’s Performance Repel Water-Proofing Spray for Outerwear, 16.9 ounces

    Granger's Performance Repel Water-Proofing Spray for Outerwear, 16.9 ounces
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    Product highlight

    • Great water repellency properties
    • Fluorocarbon free technology
    • Ideal for all outdoor plus technical fabrics
    • Scent free formula
    • Eco-friendly water-based formula

    Grangers water repellant formulas boasts great application in a variety of scenarios. Whether it is vehicles upholstery, clothing, furniture covers or anything made of leather or similar fabric, this waterproof spay deliver the best protection. It is a rich formula with leather friendly ingredients that makes it supple and resistant to wear and tear. The formula is both stain and water resist meaning that it is ideal for all anyone at different occupations. Whether you’re an engineer, office clerk or you just an adventurist who loves jungle things, rest assured that this product will deliver to your expectations.

    Unlike other competitive show spray products made from harmful chemicals, just know that this formula is 100 percent free of VOCs, fluorocarbon and other pollutant products. This eco-friendly and water-based shoe product is free of scent. Thus, it is fit for anyone especially those with scent allergy. Economic wise, this product is the best. One can serve various upholsteries or your shoe for several weeks without purchasing another one.

    6. Bickmore Gard-More 8oz Water and Stain Repellent

    Bickmore Gard-More 8oz Water and Stain Repellent
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    Product highlight

    • Breathable formula
    • Super water resistant spray
    • Non aerosol spray applicator for excellent coverage
    • Works on leather, felt, suede, Nubuck and more

    Bickmore Gard more is yet another reliable waterproof spray for a variety of materials. It features an eco-friendly formula that is also super water resistant. Besides, it comes with a non-aerosol spray applicator that enhances excellent coverage. The concentration is great and accepts water dilution so as to customize as per the type of the material. It odor resistant and it has no scent to offer. It is a great formula that allows you to stay all natural and match with the needs of any jungle.

    It is a versatile formula that covers w wide range of items which include gloves, luggage, car upholstery, furniture and similar items. Besides, it removes dirt and stains without altering the color of the items. In addition, this unique concentrate features a breathable formula that doesn’t lower the breathability of the material. It is absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave streaks when dried.

    5. Crep Protect Art of Crep Protect Spray

    Crep Protect Art of Crep Protect Spray
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    Product highlight

    • Hydrophobic spray
    • Great for on suede, linen shoes, nubuck, and canvas footwear
    • Two coat application
    • 200 Mls capacity and great concentration

    Crep protect water resist spray doesn’t distinguish the materials it can protect. Hence, it boasts great reading regarding the application on a wide range of items. Whether it is your hat, bag, shoes or furniture, this hydrophobic spray delivers results timely and excellently. It demands for two coat application so as to produce the best results. In addition it cats by creating a super repellant, invisible coating which doesn’t allow water drop or stain to clinch on the fabric. It comes in a 200 milliliters capacity which is quite okay for both small-scale and long-term application.

    Besides, the formula doesn’t expire within a short time, but instead can serve you for months without reducing its efficacy. This revolutionary product is meant to change what you wear forever. Also, it supports multiple product use to offer an overall performance. With its unique blend of ingredients, it is ideal for sued, leather, canvas or nubuck. It delivers fast results without having to take it out for sun drying. So, efficient use and ease of application plus the remarkable performance are the aspects that make this product worth all your dollars.

    4. Scotchgard Suede and Nubuck Protector, 1 Can, 7-Ounce

    Scotchgard Suede and Nubuck Protector, 1 Can, 7-Ounce
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    Product highlight

    • Safe for all colors
    • Compatible with a variety of materials
    • Precipitation and oil resistant
    • Simple application

    No matter the climate of your locality, this Scotchgard waterproof spry keel your fabrics well protected from water damage. It is also ideal for use on furniture and vehicles upholstery. Unlike other competitive leather and fabric products, this waterproof protectant is safe for all colors and doesn’t cause any alteration. It is easy to apply as it dries quickly. It has no scent or odor but remains just natural top give you easy time as you go on with your business.

    It is compatible with a wide range of materials which include sued, nubuck, leather among others renowned fabrics. This is an ideal investment that keeps all your fabric made accessories looking newer every day. Also, it boasts unique ingredients that are resistant to salt stains. For ideal application, apply two coats to make the surface looking gorgeous. It is a cost saving investment in that you’re only required to reapply this chemical every six months or just in case you notice that the fabric is no longer 100 percent water repellant.

    3. Kiwi Protect 4.25 Oz All Rain and Stain Repellant

    Kiwi Protect 4.25 Oz All Rain and Stain Repellant
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    Product highlight

    • 100 percent waterproof
    • Ease of application
    • Enhances breathability
    • 4.25 ounces capacity

    Do you own anything made of leather or fabric, and you feel that it should last forever? If you want it to last forever, just ensure that you purchase this kiwi product. It comes in a 4.25 ounces bottle offering a great capacity to serve you for extended time. Regarding, the formula, it features a unique blend of ingredients that allow it to form a 100 percent waterproof coating. Although it is totally resistant to water penetration, it doesn’t affect the breathability of any material. Instead, it improves it by allowing only some limited air penetration but not water molecules.

    Apart from that amazing formulation, the rich formula doesn’t alter the nature of any color. It enhances true color retention, and two coats application enhance maximum durability since the double layer is stronger than one. Moreover, when you apply two coats one can adhere to the other effectively. Due to this amazing formulation, it is applicable in treatment of jackets, hats, bags, raincoats among other accessories.

    2. Nikwax Suede Spray-On and Nubuck Waterproofing

    Nikwax Suede Spray-On and Nubuck Waterproofing
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    Product highlight

    • Rich formula
    • Enhances breathability
    • Wider range of materials coverage
    • Low impact, high performance product
    • Non corrosive
    • Long lasting performance
    • Extremely easy application and fast drying

    Nikwax waterproof spray delivers great versatility when it comes to fabric protection. It has rich blend of hydrophobic compounds that work together to enhance maximum protection and durability of leather, suede, nubuck among other fabrics. When it comes to shoes protection; this formula works by maintaining leather texture. It is designed for spray application which makes the process incredibly easy and efficient.

    It provides high performance yet delivering low impact on your accessories. Unlike other sprays which have been tested to have corrosive impacts, this one is all neutral and doesn’t wear or tear your fabrics. It has no limit regarding the number of times you’re supposed to apply, but it is highly concentrated and can lasts for months without the need of reapplication. Having been engineered to enhance water repellency on textured leather, it is an ideal product to apply on jungle boots and leathered casual shoes.

    1. Rust-Oleum 11-Ounce 280886 NeverWet Boot and Shoe Spray

    Rust-Oleum 11-Ounce 280886 NeverWet Boot and Shoe Spray
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    Product highlight

    • Water repellent formula
    • Allows material breathability
    • Resists odor formation
    • Keeps the shoe surface bacterial free
    • Long lasting performance

    Finding the right waterproof spray for your shoes isn’t easy at all, but with the Rust-Oleum waterproof boot, spray brings you a true performer in all the fabrics that need gentle care. It boasts a clear formulation that is compatible with a variety of colors. Besides, it has some properties for increasing the breathability, allowing the show to breathe so that your feet feel comfortable when if you wear them for 24 hours. It is not only ideal for water repellency, but is also resistant to mud, ice, salt, stains and more.

    By keeping away water and stains, this product enables the footwear to lasts for a long time as moisture damage is completely eliminated. It boasts rich formula that sticks to the surface of the shoe without coming out even after continuous rubbing. Thus, you only need to reapply it seasonally or when you notice that the water repellency ability has significantly reduced. It is universally accepted and works for a variety of fabrics which include canvas, suede, nubuck and much more.


    Since moisture is the worst threat to your shoes durability and performance, it has become inevitable to treat the shoe fabric with waterproof shoe spray. These products form a lasting and waterproof layer which prevents water from reaching the fabric. That way, the fibers of the fabric remain in the solid state to counteract tearing and other forms of wearing. We have demonstrated the best performer’s when it comes to waterproof sprays. They are renowned brands with a formidable reputation in protecting your shoe or boot. Besides, the formulations are also perfect for furniture and car upholstery among other accessories.

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