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Top 7 Best Phone Gimbal Stabilizers in 2022 Reviews

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    Have you ever desired to shoot smooth and stable videos like a professional? You can achieve that if at all you are using one of the best phone gimbal stabilizers. This is a device that allows you to connect your smartphone or camera so that you can take smooth videos. It eliminates the effects of shaky hands when taking a photo or a video. Besides, they feature built-in applications that enhances several camera functions by just clicking on some buttons located on the handle of the gimbal stabilizer. Through the use of these devices, you can take time-lapse videos, tack some targets and enjoy panoramic shooting. Okay, the problem manifests significantly when you’re selecting the best gimbal stabilizer for your smartphone. Don’t worry anymore; we have more than enough options that will surely work on your device. The following top seven best gimbal stabilizers which surely transform your photographic and videography skills.

    7. Zhiyun Handheld Smooth -Q 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone

    Zhiyun Handheld Smooth -Q 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone
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    Product highlight

    • Micro USB charging port
    • Variety of camera enhanced functions
    • Easy to install and make adjustments
    • Three brushless motors and three axis for 360 degrees rotation

    Zhiyun gimbal stabilizers for smartphones are professionally designed to give you maximum ability to take best videos. It has several unbeatable features that has earned it great reputation enough to outdo of other counterfeit products. It I suitable to use with smartphones that are below 7 ounces. These includes phones such as iPhone 7 plus, 6 plus, Samsung s6, s7, go pro hero among other devices.

    It is an essential device to use with your phone if you want to take smooth, steady and noiseless videos. In particular, this device is powered by a powerful motor that produces great torque that eliminates the need to use counterweights with heavy loads. With three brushless motors, it enhances three axis up to rotation of 360 degrees. Besides, the ergonomic design allows you to switch mounting direction either horizontally or vertically quickly.

    It is comfortable to use since you can use a four-way joystick to change the shooting angle. Also, it is a device with a variety of enhanced camera functions such as video record, face tracking, and zoom among others. You stay connected throughout the day some the device runs on built-in batteries with 12 hours operating time. Moreover, there is a micro USB charging port to allow fast charging.

    6. EVO Gimbals 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal for iPhone and Android Smartphones

    EVO Gimbals 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal for iPhone and Android Smartphones
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    Product highlight

    • For androids and iPhone
    • Record and zoom functions placed on the handle
    • Advance stabilization modes
    • Enhancement of perfect panoramas, object tracking, and time lapse
    • Micro USB for charging
    • Powerful and durable built-in batteries

    Some people think wrongly that they can capture great videos or pictures, simply because they are using top-notch phones. Well, EVO gimbal stabilizer is made exclusively for your Android or iPhone so that you can improve the qualities of the videos you are taking. It simply turns your smartphone into an advanced quality video camera. Is that simple as you just need to put the necessary installation tools and be ready to hit the mark? It is an important device that ensures you always take pro-quality videos making every minute fantastic as you shoot professional and smooth videos. Isn’t fantastic to records as well as the zoom on the handle. Of course, it is an amazing feature and much more are encompassed in this EVO gimbal stabilizers.

    Moreover, it allows you to fine-tune the shooting angle, using the one-touch sensitive 4-way joystick provided. It features three easy to use stabilization modes, giving you freedom of motion as you move from scene to scene taking videos. It allows you to replicate the same dolly moves and shots seen in multi-million dollar productions. Other amazing functionalities include the object tracking, percent panoramas, and time-lapse among other amazing functions. This device enhances intelligent control functions such as the smart track feature, point to point motion time-lapses among others. There is a USB charging port and strongly built-in batteries that allows 10 hours operation.

    5. Zhiyun Smooth Handheld 3-Axis Q w/ Plate, Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone and GoPro Hero

    Zhiyun Smooth Handheld 3-Axis Q w/ Plate, Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone and GoPro Hero
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    Product highlight

    • Micro USB charging
    • Convenient power output
    • 40 percent motor performance and 30 percent motor response
    • Advanced electronic balancing technology, eliminating use of counterweights
    • Lightweight construction
    • All-weather performance
    • 7.05 ounces maximum payload
    • Buttons for Photo and Record
    • Built-in 26650 Li-ion battery

    There is no need to continue taking fluffy videos, and there is a simple and affordable solution for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using your smartphone or GoPro cameras, these gimbal stabilizers are the best to have. There are from the zhiyun and are traded by the model name smooth Q. IT features high torque motor powered by a built-in 26650 lithium ion battery. This strong battery allows a maximum of 12 hours under continued use. Besides, the provided USB cable and the port on the device allows fast recharge and also charges other devices. Thanks to the convenient power output which allows fast charging of mobile devices.

    The motor features 40 percent performance rating and 30 percent response. Further, it uses an advanced electronic balancing technology that eliminates the analog way of using counterweights. The maxim payload is around 7.05 ounces hence allows you to add other important accessories as you prepare to take accurate and precise video shots.

    More also, it features several control buttons which include record and zooming options, on the other hand, you can choose selfie mode and supports automatic tacking, filter option, and time lapse. Unlike many gimbals we’ve on the markets, smooth Q operates in any weather, whether extreme cold or extremely hot. Hence, it operates between 15 degrees Fahrenheit to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The EACHSHOT is a unique feature of this device that allows this gimbal to be perfectly compatible various GoPro camera versions.

    4. FeiyuTech Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone

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    Product highlight

    • Splash proof design
    • Smart portrait angle
    • An intuitive user interface
    • Enhanced finish and a revolutionized motor body
    • Solid aluminum alloy construction

    You can now take great videos under any weather with Feiyu SPG handheld gimbal stabilizer. It boasts a professional design which is actually an upgrade of SPG making it best performing in its category. By having a water splash proof design, it gives you the freedom to make more fun with your friends without fearing water ingress. Moreover, it boasts a smart portrait mode which makes this product an ideal motorized gimbal stabilizer for live streaming on Facebook periscope and other notable social media areas. It also offers an adjustable panning angle when in portrait mode.

    Hence the cameras are automatically directed to the users hassle-freely. The intuitive user interface enables switching between various modes via one simple click of a button. Thanks to the provided 4-way joystick and the remote control that supports hands-free operation. So, this feature enhances accurate video shooting without the errors caused by hands shaky nature. This device is also ideal for enhancing the style as you take quality videos.

    Thanks to the beautiful finish and the revolutionized motor body for supporting sports camera and smartphone gimbals to result in an anti-shake performance. Besides, the aluminum alloy construction enhance sturdiness and lightweight at the same time. Hence, this phone gimbal stabilizer is the best to carry around the various scenes because it won’t overburden you with weight. You also need to adore the powerful built-in 22650 Li-ion battery which ensures a total of 8 hours of continuous operation without any power fault.

    3. DJI Phone OSMO MOBILE Camera Gimbal

    DJI Phone OSMO MOBILE Camera Gimbal
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    Product highlight

    • Active track technology
    • Incredible camera functions
    • Motion time-lapse videos
    • Supports reliable live streaming of videos
    • Detailed panoramas

    Are you wondering how you can transform your smartphone into smart motion cameras? DJI OSMO gimbal stabilizer is the perfect solution to your desires. It features a professional design that captures smooth cinematic videos making every shot look professional and ready to share without going through any manipulations. You can as well shoot motion time-lapse or even live stream a moment around the globe. The classic black and silver color of OSMO mobile can match your style and take you videography skills to a higher level.

    By use of automatic identification and intelligent processing technology and other built-in programs, you can polish your photos and videos to enhance a professional sheen. As a matter of fact, every stream you shoot will be steady and smooth creating an analogy that you’ve your camera crew. Also, you can even take slow-motion video, and the results are incredible.

    Moreover, this gimbal stabilizer has an amazing feature that lets you be at the moment, as it automatically keeps your smartphone facing you. You no longer have to set it whether to have a recording moment or taking part in it. This device has intelligent features that know what is best for you in every scene. Enjoy long dramatic exposures as you take your videos. Thanks to the three-axis stabilization that keeps the phone outstandingly stable to capture stunning moments and be ever ready to share them with the rest of the world. Last but not least, you can also enjoy taking detailed panoramas which automatically captures and blends a total of 9 separate photos to create a stunning moment.

    2. EVO SP-PRO Gen2 three – Axis iPhone Gimbal Stabilizer for iOS and Android Smartphones

    EVO SP-PRO Gen2 three - Axis iPhone Gimbal Stabilizer for iOS and Android Smartphones
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    Product highlight

    • Advanced settings on the handle
    • Outstanding stabilization modes
    • 14 hours runtime
    • EVO remote application
    • Durable construction

    EVO SP-PRO Gen2 gimbal stabilizers feature intelligent control features that link with EVO remote control application. It can, therefore, take outstanding panoramas at 180 degrees or 330 degrees. It easily connects to your Android device so that you automatically share a live video without going through a hassle. With this advanced gimbal stabilizer for smartphones, you can also track objects automatically.

    Besides, you can also capture point to point, time-lapse shots. On the other hand, this gimbal is built to last, thanks to the incredible engineering that boasts CNS aircraft grade aluminum.  Due to this sturdy construction, it can support high torque motors and large r batteries all to facilitate amazing video capturing performance.

    With advanced stabilization modes, EVO shift gives you the ultimate freedom of motion. Thus, replaces the dolly moves and crane shots that are usually seen in most of the multi-dollar productions. The handle houses several important functions. It links with the remote application so that you can enjoy fantastic shooting modes and adjust several settings such as white balance, exposure, and shutter speed among other functions. It uses a built-in removable battery and built-in charger for easy charging.

    1. Hohem Smartphone Gimbal 3-Axis Stabilizer

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    Product highlight

    • Variety of working modes
    • Convenient panoramic shooting
    • Target tracks
    • Time lapse shooting
    • Compatible with a tripod
    • Enhanced camera functions
    • Lightweight and durable construction

    At this juncture, you probably have an accurate idea of what your best gimbal stabilizer is. But, Hohem 3 Axis Gimbal Aluminum Stabilizer may change your mind due to the remarkable features and functionalities it provides. It boasts an updated three-axis design and weighs as low as 13 ounces. The payloads are about 8.8 ounces. It allows phone case attachment, a diversity lens with various focal lengths, among other photographic accessories. It is perfectly compatible and boasts great stability with all 6 inches smartphones.

    It includes an adapter plate for various action cameras and GoPro Hero. Through the APP by the name Hohem studio, panoramic filming and object tracking can be achieved for both Android and IOS devices. On the other hand, it is made of an aluminum material which is incredibly lightweight but strong enough to withstand outdoor harshness. Also, three-axis up to 360 degrees rotation is a great feature that every professional photographer would really love.


    We’ve revisited a total of 7 options which make up the best phone gimbal stabilizers. As you’ve noted, they are ergonomically designed to support most recent smartphones and their operating systems. Thus, whether you want to use a GoPro camera or just the built in a smartphone camera, you have the best opportunity to take stunning shots. You’ll enjoy panoramic shooting, target tracking, time-lapse videos and photos among other incredible functions.

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