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Top 10 Best Baby Bottle Warmers in 2020

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    Growing infants need just the right amount of food packed with the best nutrients. It’s no secret that milk contains all the goodness for a baby’s health and well-being. However, it must be served at just the right temperature. This is the reason why milk should be heated in bottle warmers rather than microwaves or over direct flame.
    If you’re in for the best Baby Bottle Warmers in 2020, here a list of the ten best available online.

    List of Best Baby Bottle Warmers in 2020

    10. Anself 2-in-1 Portable Double Baby Bottle Warmer


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    This bottle warmer looks simple but the job it does is definitely complex. It heats up milk and bottles to the right temperature. Some of the other features include:

    • Two slots for two bottles so that an extra batch of milk can be warmed thereby saving time and effort
    • It’s not just milk that this equipment can heat. Baby food can be warmed and accessories, such as soothers and nipples can be sterilized as well.
    • There are three temperature settings that can be selected: 30, 70, and 100 degrees
    • Milk is heated over boiled water which preserves all the nutrients without damaging the bottles

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    9. Lyker Baby Bottle Warmer

    Babies want their bottles close to them at all times, especially as soon as they wake up. This causes a bit of a problem because you cannot predict what time they get up. Moreover, warming milk in advance can damage the bottle and its contents. This is the reason why this bottle warmer solves all problems.

    • This bottle warmers warms milk, heats up baby food, and sterilizes milk bottles
    • There are two slots for bottles in which milk can be heated, food can be warmed, or water can be boiled for baby formula
    • The heating process is based on circulation of hot water that evenly and gently warms the bottle contents thereby preserving essential vitamins and minerals
    • The equipment is BPA-free and resistant to heat
    • Comes equipped with a pair of tongs and a brush for cleaning
    • At 158-degrees Fahrenheit, food and milk can be kept warm for up to 24 hours

    8. Baby Bottle and Food Warmer by GL

    8. Gland Baby Bottle Warmer and Food Warmer for Heating Breastmilk Food Travel Home, Electric Portable, Quick Bottle Warming System, LCD Display (Green)

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    Yes, all entries on this list rely on technology. But this particular entry is unique. For instance, it runs at 110V, is beautifully designed, compact, and portable. Other noteworthy features include:

    • Auto power-off and dry heating features to prevent overheating and low food or milk levels
    • You can easily control temperature and set reminders with its LCD screen and voice prompts
    • Milk and its nutrients are conserved all day long
    • You can warm bottle for breast milk or sterilize bottles
    • Canned food can also be heated if used in a food container
    • Free from BPA, lead, phthalate, and latex
    • Weighs only 4.8 ounces

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    7. Elfinbaby Bottle Warmer & Steam Sterilizer

    7. Bottle Warmer & Steam Sterilizer, 3-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer and Baby Food Heater for Breast Milk or Formula with Double Bottles Design (Bottle Brush and Tongs Included)

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    Nobody wants a crying baby late in the middle of the night because you didn’t warm the milk. Fortunately, you won’t have to go through the ordeal with this bottle warmer because it’s a wonder.

    • You save money, time, and effort because it’s a 3-in-1 machine that warms milk, heats food, and sterilizes bottles
    • This bottle warmer has two cavities for bottles of any make available in the market
    • The settings on this warmer are simple and can be operated by anyone. A one-turn knob lets you carry out warming without the need for complicated buttons and settings
    • A bottle brush and a pair of tongs are included to clean the brush thoroughly
    • This bottle warmer is BPA free and heat-resistant
    • Contents of the bottle can be kept warm for up to 24 hours without deteriorating nutrients

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    6. Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Bottle and Pouch Warmer

    6. Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Bottle and Pouch Warmer

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    Now, this is one bottle warmer that revolutionizes milk-warming. Here are a few features that justify this remark.
    The pump-and-go function in this warmer has one pouch that can be used to pump, transfer, heat, and feed. In other words, you’re saved from messy spillage problems.

    • The pouches are automatically heated to keep the milk at just the right temperature and conserve its nutrients
    • There are different settings present on this warmer for temperature, bottle type, and volume
    • The bottle warmer and the pouch is BPA-free thereby ensuring baby’s safety

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    5. Baby Brezza Electric Baby Bottle and Baby Food Warmer

    5. Baby Brezza Safe & Smart, Electric Baby Bottle Warmer and Baby Food Warmer – Universal Fit - Glass, Plastic, Small, Large, Newborn Feeding Bottles - Wireless Bluetooth Control...

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    There are a ton of features (mentioned below)packed into this milk warmer that makes warming easy and efficient.

    • Steady warming setting that uses warm water to heat or defrost milk and preserve its nutrients
    • The quick warming setting heats up baby food and formula and brings it to body temperature
    • You just have to select your bootle’s temperature and the warming mode on its LCD panel to get the entire warming process underway
    • Also included is an auto-shutoff feature for safety
    • Download the free Baby Brezza app and control the warmer from your phone. You also get alerts when the warming process is over.
    • It fits bottles of all makes and sizes and is friendly with the material, bet it glass or plastic

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    4. Babebay Baby Bottle Warmer

    4. Baby Bottle Warmer, Bottle Sterilizer & Smart Thermostat 4-in-1 with Fast Transit Heat, Real Time Temperature LCD Monitor and Precise Temperature Control

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    This bottle warmer finds itself at the fourth spot because of its design, shape, portability, make, and functionality.

    • The fast-warming feature warms milk under 4 minutes
    • The LCD screen on this device displays real-time temperature
    • This bottle warmer operates for temperatures between 30 to 90-degrees Celsius
    • All the previous entries have had one, two, or three functions at max. However, this goes one better by also quadrupling up as a thermostat
    • As with previous entries, this warmer encases bottles of all makes and types. Emphasis is laid on warming a bottle’s contents without causing spillage
    • There is an auto power-off feature along with a skid-resistant base
    • The entire device is BPA-free and is also highly resistant to heat

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    3. Philips AVENT Premium Bottle Warmer

    3. Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer, Premium

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    You’ve all heard about the levels of innovation Philips brings to the table. No, they’re at it again with their innovative and state-of-the-art bottle warmer. Here’s what’s in store for this device.

    • The machine circulates milk slowly heating it cautiously overtime without breaking down any of its goodness
    • Once you select the mode of heating, an in-built sensor tracks the warming process ensuring that milk is never overheated
    • There is an indicator LED present on this warmer that lets you know when the thawing process for breast milk or baby formula is over
    • It’s not just milk bottles that can be accommodated in this warmer. Food cups, storage jars can also be warmed
    • The smart technology present in this warmer heats milk in 10 minutes, keeps it warm for another twenty, and then automatically shuts-off

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    2. Kiinde Kozii Bottle and Breast Milk Warmer

    2. Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

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    To be placed above Philips in the rankings is no small achievement. The rank this warmer attains is no luck. It’s been crafted with utmost care and precision which can only be justified by the features it offers.

    • It has a low-temperature warming technique that doesn’t use steam or boiling water. The benefit of this is that the nutrients are always preserved
    • The mode of heating is convection which uniformly and quickly heats milk. Moreover, the automatic shutoff function sweetens the process
    • Present within the warmer is a reservoir which means that you won’t have to keep adding or measuring contents
    • Being free from hazardous additives, this warmer is the ideal instrument for thawing or heating

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    1. Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

    1. Dr. Brown's Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer- Best Baby Bottle Warmers

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    Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer takes the top spot because it has pioneered bottle warming. Here are a few examples why they’re placed highest on this list.

    • One of the best features of this warmer is that its basket can envelope many bottles of any make or size
    • One-touch start button to initiate warming process
    • LCD control panel with touch feature for convenient warming
    • Onboard visual and audio alerts notify when the process is over
    • Automatically shuts off when the heating process is over
    • A cyclic mode is present to repeat and save the temperature and time settings used previously

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    Always go for bottle warmers that are free from hazardous chemicals. Keep in mind the temperature and alert settings. A baby’s health is of utmost importance at all times. Therefore what a baby drinks and eats should always be prioritized. Having said that, food or milk must be served at the right temperature to supplement the baby’s growth with all the nutrients intact.

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