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Top 10 Best Electric Scooters in 2021 Reviews

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    Scooters are famous sporting equipment but have gone tremendous improvements. Electric scooters are famous since they are pretty easy to use. However, you need to select the best for incredible performance and safety. There have been scenarios where these equipment has exploded and left some casualties. But, don’t be afraid of this sporting equipment. Everything would be fine if only you choose top rated and certified electric scooters.

    We have a top 10 listing of these sporting devices that will take your scooting experience to a new level. Whizzing around the town on a scooter is pretty cool, and most people engage in this activity as a form of recreational activity. This is quite a new introduction to the automobile industry and is incredibly cheap than other automobiles. So, why not own one. Here, we’ve carefully compiled a list of the best electric scooter that will take you outdoor exercising to another level.

    10. Razor A2 Kick Scooter

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    Product Highlight

    • Incredible portability
    • Intelligent LCD and signature font light
    • Ultra slim deck
    • Advanced motor design
    • High capacity battery

    By applying the latest technology, this scooter features a lightweight design making it pretty easy to maneuver. With this scooter, you can perform extraordinary moves and cut sharp angles without risking the stability. Thanks to the carbon fiber material of construction which is incredibly lightweight but very sturdy to cut through the roughest terrains. Featuring an intelligent LCD and a signature light fonts, it is pretty easy to control the speed and read about some control feature. Hence, it is very easy to maneuver the movement without straining your hands.

    Besides, the deck is extremely lightweight but wide enough for stability purpose. The advanced motor design features 5 inches hub motor which delivers impressive torque to perform even on hilly roads. Featuring an integrated suspension system allows smooth riding on rough paths. Besides the leaf shape design plus the lightweight features enhances streamlining so that you can reach high speeds without any hassle. The motor is powered by LG high-capacity 18650 Lithium Ion which is also durable to serve you for a long time.

    9. Razor E-125 Electric Scooter

    Razor E-125 Electric Scooter
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    Product Highlight

    • 8 inches pneumatic front tire
    • 125mm polyurethane rear wheel
    • Chain-driven high torque motor
    • Hand operated front brake

    Razor E-125 Electric Scooter features an impressive design that allows you to cruise around your neighborhood in style. It features a chain driven motor, hand twist throttle, and high torque motor makes it ideal for all ages. It can achieve up to 10 miles in one hour. Although this scooter requires a manual kick off when starting, it has an outstanding acceleration once the motor is engaged. It features a folding handlebar that allows easy storage. It boasts great stability since it features 8 inches pneumatic front tire and 4.9 inches polyurethane rear wheel.

    It is ideal for ages 8 and older, and the weight capacity is 120 pounds. To enhance the convenience of use, it comes with a pair of 12 volts, charger and an assortment of other important accessories. The hand operated front brake is fully functional and cools down the bike safely from high accelerations to keep your safe. And when the bike is not in use, you can use the retractable stand that keeps the scooter in an upright position.

    8. MammyGol Kick Scooters for Kids, Folding LED Spray Jet Scooter

    MammyGol Kick Scooters for Kids, Folding LED Spray Jet Scooter
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    Product Highlight

    • Colorful LED headlights
    • Easy installation
    • Lean to steer technology
    • Efficient braking system

    MammyGol is committed to providing the best sporting equipment. For this electric scooters, you have every opportunity to ride with total safety and satisfaction. The fashionable rocket scooter design features sprayer and sound affection providing extra cool built-in music. Hence, you can keep yourself engaged as you listen to your favorite music. In addition to the LED headlights, this equipment also features two giants LED on the wheels that keep the trajectory lighted. It features easy installation that doesn’t require complex tools.

    For safety, the design features large aluminum reinforced braking system for fast and firm braking even when on high acceleration. Besides, this electric scooter features a lean-to steer design which is an ideal way for newbies to learn coordination and balance which the fundamental concepts of safety are scooting. Besides, the construction uses food grade plastics and toxic free metal frame which is safe for kid’s health.  Moreover, you can ride on bumpy paths without t any discomforts. Thanks to the urethane wheels and soft handgrips that amazingly reduces vibrations whenever you’re riding on harsh roads.

    7. NANROBOT D4+High Speed Electric Scooter

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    Product Highlight

    • Unparalleled compactness
    • 20lbs super lightweight design
    • Improved motor technology
    • Ultra slim deck

    NANROBOT electric scooter features a unique design that will surely change your scooting experience.  It is made of lightweight but sturdy materials. It also features patterned folding mechanisms which enhance the unparalleled compactness. Thus, you can even pack several scooters in your vehicle’s trunk and still have ample room to store other important accessories. It measures 39″ x 14.5″ x 6.25 inches while in folding status. On the other hand, it weighs as low as 20 lbs which means that you can even carry it on your shoulders when you find the roads impassable.

    Also, you can lift it up a few stairs, hence one of the best scooters to use in urban areas. And Yet, when it comes to using this scooter in the countryside, things are still pretty easy. Thanks to the improved motor technology which produces high amounts of torque so that you can ride over rough textures surfaces with ease. This 250 watts motor can help the scooter reach maxim speed of approximately 10 miles per hour. The design is ergonomic and stylish, thanks to the ultra-slim deck which is only 0.3 inches thin and can hold a maximum 0f 240 lbs of weight.

    6. Razor Seated Electric Scooter, E300S

    Razor Seated Electric Scooter, E300S
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    Product Highlight

    • Incredibly sized deck and frame
    • Rechargeable 24v seal battery system
    • 10 inch wide pneumatic tires
    • Hand operated braking system
    • Spring loaded kickstand

    Another top rated electric scooter model from Razor brings us to witness the power of invention. You can now roam around the town and still rule when you get to the countryside. This scooter features a super-sized deck and frame to enhance style and sturdiness. The handy twist grip throttle is comfortable to use and allows precise acceleration and steering at the same time. It is powered by a 24 volts rechargeable battery which enables the motor produces incredibly high torque to allow the scooter go up the gradient as well as enhancing maximum acceleration.

    The recharge time for the battery is 12 hours, and when full, it can power the device for 40monutes under continuous use. It can achieve a maximum of 16=5 mph and is easy to cut down the speed. And when it comes to stopping, the easy to use hand-operated brake is easy to reach and safe for any rider. Also, the pneumatic tires are 10 inches wide which allows an ideal center of gravity to enhance maxim stability even when riding on a curve.

    5. Razor E200-Electric Scooter

    Razor E200-Electric Scooter
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    Product Highlight

    • Dual battery system
    • Chain driven motor
    • Better traction and stable pneumatic wheels
    • Premium quality steel construction
    • Lightweight design
    • Hand operated braking system

    From day one, Razor has always dedicated all the efforts to provide the best equipment. This e200 electric scooter isn’t an exception but has tons of remarkable features that qualify it as one of the highest rated electric scooter on the market today. Through the integration of premium quality materials and state of the art engineering, we have this superbly performing electric scooter. It features a modernized design that matches with the ever-evolving riding styles.  It features all-steel construction to enhance robustness and durability.

    The 10 inches pneumatic tires enhance stability even when riding on sandy paths. Featuring a twist grip control, it is very easy to control accelerating and maintain a constant speed precisely. Besides, the braking system is hand operated and super-efficient to allow sudden but safe stops. It is powered by two portable lead-acid batteries which deliver a total of 24 volts. This battery capacity powers an incredibly strong motor that produces high torque and outstanding acceleration. The runtime of a fully charged battery is 40 minutes.

    4. Razor Core E90 Power Electric Scooter

    Razor Core E90 Power Electric Scooter
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    Product Highlight

    • Power core hub motor
    • Push button, hand operated brake
    • Retractable kickstand
    • Increased ride time

    Razor Core E90 electric scooter is brought us to another definition for scooting. With this device, scooting is easier, advanced and safer. It is powered by strong and energy efficient motor that allows 80 minutes of continuous riding. This innovative hub motor delivers maintenance-free ride while the steel frame is remarkably lightweight to allow you perform all styles of riding. The urethane front wheel and TPU rear wheel allow you ride on every terrain you find apart from staircases. The 90 watts motor allows acceleration of about 10 mph. It provides 50 percent more torque than the competitive electric scooters. The hand operated brake system enhances fast and safe stoppage even when you have achieved high speeds. It ales features a kickstand and a retractable kickstand. The whole equipment weighs just 22 lbs, but the maximum weight capacity is 120 lbs.

    3. Razor E300 Electric-Scooter

    Razor E300 Electric-Scooter
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    Product Highlight

    • Incredibly wide pneumatic tires
    • Superbly sized deck plus frame
    • Throttle twist acceleration control
    • Hand operated rear brake retractable kickstand

    Ride like a legend and take your riding skills higher with this innovatively designed electric scooter. Razor e300 electric scooter is certified to meet the quality standards and uses the latest technology in the market. It is designed to enhance great stability. It boasts a large deck, strong frame, and incredibly wide tires to give everyone an easy time while riding. It uses a chain driven motor that is powered by two powerful 12 volts batteries.

    Thus, the motor delivers high torque which allows you to achieve great speeds even when the gradient demands more. The throttle acceleration control is easy and precisely set so that you can enjoy safe and comfortable riding. Talking of stability, we can give this scooter 100 percent marks. It uses extra wide 10 inches wheels which are also roughly textured to maximize the grip even when you’re riding on wet or smooth grounds. The super quite chain drive motor operates flawlessly and can attain a maximum of 15 miles per hour.

    2. Razor E-100 Electric Scooter

    Razor E-100 Electric Scooter
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    Product Highlight

    • Strong frame
    • Aesthetically appealing design and colors
    • Hand operated and easy to use brake system
    • Wide pneumatic tires
    • Kick start motor
    • Super quiet chain driven motor

    Razor electric scooters seem to have taken full control of the market. Due to their formidable reputation, they are continually adding more features on their scooters to make them unbeatable. For this particular model E 100, the design says everything and when you ride it the whole experience changes. Well, it features an aesthetically pleasing design, and creative colors make it more attractive to everyone who loves scooting. It features a strong steel frame which has some remarkable weight to enhance stability.

    However, the overall weight is lightweight to allow portability and maneuverability during riding exercise. It is pretty easy to use as you’re only required to use the kick and start the motor then use the throttle twist to do the acceleration. The wheels and tires are incredibly wide to increase stability. It is [powered by two sets of 12 volts battery to make up 24 volts which provided over 40 minutes of continuous use.

    1. Glion Dolly Foldable and Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

    Glion Dolly Foldable and Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter
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    Product Highlight

    • Premium 36v, 6.6 Ah lithium-ion battery
    • 15 miles range
    • Airless rubber tires
    • Patented dolly and vertical standing feature
    • 250 watts brushless motor

    Many people continue to embrace the wide range functionality of the electric scooters. Apart from being an ideal device for fun, they are also ideal for commuting short distances. Now, Glion Dolly electric scooter features a unique design that enhances some functions. It is foldable, easy to operate and easy to clean. The motor is incredibly powerful and is rated 250 watts which provide huge torque and awesome acceleration. This hub motor is located in the rear wheel to provide incredible acceleration and be able to cut through the roughest terrains with ease. This remarkable power is gotten from the 36volts 6.6Ah rechargeable lithium battery which enhances a working range of about 15 miles.

    Also, the durable frame boasts aircraft grade aluminum metal which is strong but lightweight. Besides, the braking system is smooth, secure and features an anti-lock safely located inside the rear hub motor. Hence, the chances of accidents are greatly minimized since the scooter can decelerate and stop securely even if you were riding at maximum speeds. All the controls are waterproof, conveniently located and pretty easy to use. Apart from the lightweight design, it also features patented vertical self-standing feature, a retractable handle as well as a roller to allow you tow it like a roller bag suitcase. Moreover, the one second activated folding mechanism enhances easy portability.


    We now know how electric scooters are important, and we also know the famous and top rated brands. Choose one and be among the many who want to take their scooting capabilities to the next level. All the 10 products discussed in the review above are among the widely recognized best scooters. They are durable, easy to use and are powered by energy efficient motors and a battery. So, they are the best if you want to quench your thirst for scooting. They feature an incredible distance range and operates smoothly and quietly.

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