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Top 10 Best Luggage Sets in 2019

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    Luggage sets play a vital role in our life because a proper luggage set comes with different sizes that can ease your travel process. So whether you want to pack in bulk or something small, you always have an option available. Purchasing a luggage set ensures that next time you won’t be stuck with a wrong size bag for packing up your stuff. Here we bring you Top 10 Best Luggage Sets that you can purchase directly via Amazon.

    List of Top 10 Best Luggage Sets in 2019

    10) Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set

    10. Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set, Owl, One Size

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    Rockland brings you a luggage set that contains two expandable bags as per your needs. The overall material and fabric used are of high quality, so it serves you for years. With these two luggage bags, you won’t face any confusion while packing luggage as this set is suitable for both short and long journies.


    • Trolley Bag features inline wheels with a bat that gives stability
    • It comes attached with side handles
    • It gives you two front zipper pockets for an extra room
    • It is fully lined, and the tote offers a non-slip shoulder strap
    • Trolley: 19″ H x 13″ W x 8″ Deep
    • Tote bag: 12″ W x 11″ H x 5.5″ Deep
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    9) Rockland Luggage 20 Inch and 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set

    9. Rockland Luggage 20 Inch 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set, Champagne, One Size

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    The next product from Rockland looks even good and is available in more than ten colors. The two amazing looking trolley bags give you a premium feel and sizes for storage. You can carry any one of them as per your luggage needs. Small one when you cover short distances and the large one for the long journies.


    • The manufacturing material is 100% ABS qualified
    • The bag features full lining, and it is expandable
    • Spinner wheels are comfortable with multi-directional movements
    • Telescoping handle that works with just a push button
    • Zippers are sturdy enough to handle the overall weight
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    8) U.S. Traveler New Yorker 4 Piece Luggage Set Expandable

    8. U.S Traveler New Yorker Lightweight Expandable Rolling Luggage 4-Piece Suitcases Sets - Black

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    A wonderful luggage set that comes with a lot of functionality and classy colors that makes a perfect combo for the price. These bags come as strongly constructed and still offer a lightweight experience without compromising durability.


    • Dobby fabrication is used in the construction
    • Bags come attached with the EVA foam in the front for a clean appearance
    • Bags come attached with multiple zippers to put in extra accessories
    • Inline wheels offer smooth rotation and adopt any direction instantly
    • Side and bottom carry handles with dual top offer an effortless handling
    • Button system that needs just one push to get the handle out
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    7) American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set

    7. American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set

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    This set of three luggage bags are from American Tourister, a well-established brand specializing in travel bags. The quality is undoubtedly great, and you can choose among three available colors. These are three different-sized bags in which two are trolley bags, and one is a tote.


    • The set features three colors: Black, Purple, and Red
    • Made of 100% Polyester and hence, feels lightweight and durable
    • Corners protect your luggage from any harm being the defenders
    • It features several extra zippers inside and outside so you don’t go out of space for your add-ons
    • It has a one push button for the handle
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    6) Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set 3 Piece Expandable Lightweight Spinner Suitcase

    6. Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set 3 Piece Expandable Lightweight Spinner Suitcase

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    Merax offers three bags in the set in different sizes to fulfill all your travel packing requirements. These travel bags feature a hard shell case that offers maximum security to the packed stuff. The best quality of the material is used for manufacturing, and it comes as a fully functional set.

    • Features:
    • The material passes the essential ABS levels that ensure you a lightweight and durable experience
    • Three pieces of bags include three different sizes: 28 inches, 24 inches, and 20 inches.
    • The overall set supports ergonomic features for all the aspects like the handle, zippers, locking system, etc.
    • Multi-directional wheels that remain silent
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    5) Rockland Luggage Skate Wheels 4 Piece Luggage Set

    5. Rockland Luggage 4 Piece Set, Blue, One Size

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    Another great set of luggage from Rockland that offers four absolutely different sizes of bags. Three of them goes as trollies, and one is a tote. There are more than five colors available for the set, and all of them look decent enough to suit just anyone’s style.


    • Four expandable pieces of luggage bags
    • Made of 100% polyester and ensures heavy duty baggage.
    • Inline skate wheels that bring a flawless experience for travelers
    • The set offers ergonomic features with side grip handles
    • Two extra zippers in the front
    • Dimensions:
      • 19″ H x 13″ W x 8″ Deep
      • 24″ H x 16″ W x 10″ Deep
      • 28″ H x 18″ W x 12″ Deep
      • Tote: 12″ W x 11″ H x 5.5” Deep
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    4) Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight

    4. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight

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    This one luggage set is introduced by COOLIFE that is well-known to produce cool looking suitcases. If you want a reliable plus stylish set of bags for trolleys, then this brand is just for you.
    These are available in several colors that seem all classy and innovative.


    • The inner lining is set in all three layers
    • Combination zippers lock
    • The product comes with Two Years Warranty.
    • Ergonomic features with aluminum handling
    • Mesh pockets with zippers, so products come viewable and secure
    • Three pieces of luggage bags: 20 inches, 24 inches,28 inches upright.
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    3) Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Hardside 3 Piece Set

    3. Samsonite Winfield 2 3PC Hardside

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    The next one comes to the Samsonite Winfield travel bags that is a three-piece set. You can choose among seven colors, and each one comes with a glossy finish that offers a premium look. The product uses a 100% Polycarbonate construction. The inside of the product is lined with fabric for providing extra care for the stored products.


    • Fully secure zipper closure
    • Transparent pockets with zippers on the interior dividers
    • Telescopic handle and hard shell holds the pressure during the journey
    • Spinner wheels that support 360-degree movements without making it noticeable
    • Three piece set contains the size of 20, 24, and 28 inches
    • The lightweight offers effortless mobility
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    2) American Tourister Pop Plus Suitcase, 3 Piece Set

    2. American Tourister At Pops Plus 3 Piece Nested Set, Purple, One Size

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    This set of three bags comes with an option of popping out, and that makes it a great choice. The pop plus feature lets you pack extra in the outside zippers without making it a burden on the inner stuff.


    • The bags are made of 100% Polyester
    • Fabric lining to support the packaging well
    • All the bags come attached with four spinners for each that move flawlessly and peacefully
    • Side carry handles make it easy to move on the journey
    • Dimension: 29x20x9.5 – 12.10 lbs.
      • 25x18x8.5 – 10.5 lbs.
      • 21x14x8 – 8.6 lbs.
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    1) Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 3 Piece Set

    1. Samsonite 68311-1776 Omni PC Hardside Spinner 20 24 28, Silver, 3 Piece Set

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    The last and the best is the Samsonite set of three luggage pieces. These bags are really good and can survive any harsh environment. The polycarbonate manufacturing promises a scratch proof experience, so it maintains the appearance even after rugged use.


    • 100% polycarbonate construction
    • Lightweight yet rigid that makes it durable for any length of the journey
    • 360 spinner wheels make it effortless to rotate and carry
    • The set comes attached with TSA lock system
    • Cleaning is effortless that just needs warm water and soap
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    All these luggage sets will surely fulfill your packing needs. Just figure out which one suits you the most. The different color options make these bag fun to carry while making a style statement. Pick one from our list and you won’t be disappointed!

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