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Top 10 Best Makeup Train Cases in 2019

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    Have you ever hard your makeup spill on your clothes when traveling? This gets quite annoying and brings down your traveling mood especially when you had such crucial appointment. Get a makeup carry tool that makes your things well organized as well as adequately secured from squashing in the cargo area in the plane while traveling: a train makeup case.

    Train makeup cases are hard rectangular/ square boxes that offer you an opportunity to safeguard your makeups simply and also give a clear access to all what you want no matter where you are: where using the makeup for professional 0r personal care purpose. But buying a train makeup case is more than choosing one that attracts your eye. How? You must consider factors like its size, material construction, durability and also its user convenience not forgetting the, most crucial aspect: its pricing.

    Choosing the best model of the saturated brands available is quite stressful; that’s why we care for all our customers. We got all you want in our review below that will lure you to get the winner of the Top 10 Best Makeup Train Cases in 2019.

    List of Best Makeup Train Cases in 2019

    Kemier studio makeup case Omni-directional wheels 2 in 1 Professional Soft Sided,Removable,Artist Rolling Makeup Train Case,Cosmetic Organizer w/Storage Drawers
    $199.99$300.99 (34% off)
    Rolling Makeup Case 3 in 1 Aluminum Professional Trolley Train Case Organizer Cosmetic Box Wheeled Artist Travel (Black) (US STOCK)
    Professional Makeup Train Case,Portable Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Storage Jewelry Organizer Travel Brush Bag Holder with DIY Adjustable Divider&Key Lock,4-in-1 Artist Trolley Caster Box Bin-Silver
    AW 2in1 Black Oxford Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case Cosmetic Stroage Trolley 15x11x25
    Sunrise I3364 Professional 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Artist Cosmetic Train Case Organizer Storage, Krystal Black
    $188.61 (1% off)
    SHANY REBEL Series Pro Makeup Artists Rolling Train Case - Trolley Case - Curious Black Cat
    OGIMA Ogima Professional Rolling Makeup Case Cosmetic Train Box Trolley, Black
    Yaheetech 3-in-1 Professional Artist Aluminum Rolling Trolley Makeup Train Case, Cosmetic Organizer Makeup Case 360-degreed Wheels For Beauty Chains W/shoulder Straps (Black)
    $92.99$99.99 (7% off)
    Professional Rolling Makeup Train Case,Portable Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Case Jewelry Organizer Travel Brush Bag Holder with DIY Adjustable Divider&Key Lock,3-in-1 Artist Trolley Caster Box Bin
    Koval Inc. 4-wheel Rolling 2in1 Makeup Train Cosmetic Case Black

    10. Keimer Studio makeup case

    10. Kemier studio makeup case Omni-directional wheels 2 in 1 Professional Soft Sided

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    • Product dimensions: 1 by 1 by 1inches
    • Item weight: 0.16 ounces

    The kemier studio is a 2in 1 professional grade train makeup case, one of the best model you can ever get in the market today. Constructing from high-quality nylon finish; the case proves to be durable giving you a long-lasting performance. Use this rectangular case to hold your belongings securely any time and anywhere you want to go without hesitation.

    The case has more than enough storage compartment; front mesh nets, zipper side pockets, brush holder and four padded hard plastic trays, these offers you full support for your things. More interesting, the case is lightweight making it very easy to transport. Talking about its mobility, it features four Omni-direction skate wheels that facilitate all this. A bonus, the case includes a padded handle and retractable handle up to 38″ thus you will pull it easily. Make it your best scope!

    Key features:

    • Has Omni-directional four skate wheel
    • It’s lightweight and easy to transport
    • Feature extra storage space; 4 plastic trays, zipper side mesh nets and brush holders
    • Have high-quality nylon finish: durable

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    9. Rolling 3 in 1 train makeup case

    9. Rolling Makeup Case 3 in 1 Aluminum Professional Trolley Train Case Organizer Cosmetic Box Wheeled Artist Travel

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    • Product dimensions: 13.4 by 9.1 by 27.2 inches
    • Item weight: 11.02 pounds

    Does organizing your expanding makeup load in your little makeup bag getting you nuts? No more pain when you got the shiny rolling 3 in 1 train makeup case. This is an elegant, stylish and convenient product that you must-have. Why? The case is extra-large; proving you more than enough space to store all that you got. Not only storage but also acts as a security compartment such that your perfumes or air blowers won’t break anymore due when traveling with them. With an aluminum frame and steel corners, this optimizes the functionality of the rolling makeup box for as long as you require. Plus, you have a customizable storage space inside; the case features six hinged trays, and each is lockable to avoid any unauthorized access to your property. Plus, besides the tray, it includes a hollow space that you can utilize for the larger objects; like the air blowers.

    What’s more? The case boasts of the two-wheels that enhance its mobility plus a solid pull-out handle. Above all, it constructs from eco-friendly materials; PVC, aluminum and stainless steel. These materials are non-toxic and free of some pungent smell that will be irritating to the user. Enjoy!’

    Key features:

    • Constructs from aluminum frame and steel reinforcements at the corners
    • Extra-large storage space
    • Readily portable: 2 rolling wheels, solid pull-out handle
    • It’s very cheap

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    8. Gootrades Professional grade Makeup train case

    8. Professional Makeup Train Case,Portable Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Storage Jewelry Organizer Travel Brush Bag

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    • Product dimensions: 133.78 by 9.8 by 28 inches
    • Item weight: 20.8 pounds

    Why do you have to drain your wallet paying for those expensive models when we got a premium quality product at an affordable price right here? The Gootrades Professional grade makeup case just like its name suggests is ideal for you; whether for professional or personal care products, giving you the pro-felling every time you want to travel. The 4-in 1 case contains four removable storage compartments that offer you enough space to safeguard your things.
    Slide the shelves out smoothly, and you get a customizable room to organize your makeup bottles smartly.

    Plus, this gives you a chance to store different-sized makeup bottles without any difficulties. Additionally, the case designs from heavy duty PVC, aluminum and steel reinforcements on the corner. These materials are environmentally friendly with an assurance of a safe human use, and they are durable which makes give the case a lifetime performance period. Talk of its portability; it’s fascinating! The case features four skate wheel with two fitted with a brake system that makes its transportation a breeze. More, the white surface has diamond shaped decors that make it gorgeous such that all your friends will envy you.

    Key features:

    • It’s a 4 in 1 makeup case; four detachable storage parts
    • Has four 360 degrees rotating skate wheel
    • It’s elegant and beautiful giving a sense of fashion
    • Materials; aluminum frame, heavy-duty PVC and steel reinforcement

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    7. AW 2 in 1 soft-sided rolling train Makeup cases

    7. AW 2in1 Black Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case Oxford Fabric Cosmetic

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    • Product dimension; 15 by 11.5 by 25 inches
    • Item weight: 26.5 pounds

    Give your makeups a classy organization every time and also get a chance to view what is in your bags when you are traveling: all you need is the AW 2 in 1 train makeup case. The AW case designs to be user convenient. How? It’s easy to mobilize thanks to the featuring multi-directional four skate wheel plus the detachable heavy-duty handle.

    Besides, the case has ample storage room that will fit all your makeup securely unlike those standard traditional makeup bags. Including two extensible drawers, you will assemble all your things to your preference without any stress. A bonus, under each drawer lid, fits removable 13 piece brush holder that neatly keeps the brushers in position the entire time.

    Moreover, the case constructs from 1680D nylon fabric. This material is long lasting since its engineered to be a tear, wear and water resistant giving the case a durable performance always. Finally, the four skate wheels are removable so no more unnecessary sliding as you can remove the wheel and have a stable stand still when you want.

    Key features:

    • Materials; oxford 1680D nylon fabric
    • Have two extensible storage trays
    • Features removable Omni-directional four skate wheel
    • Have two detachable 13pcs brush holder

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    6. Sunrise 13364 professional grade makeup case

    6. Sunrise I3364 Professional 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Artist Cosmetic Train Case Organizer Storage, Krystal Black

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    • Product dimensions: 14.5 by 9.5 by 34.2 inches
    • Item weight: 24 pounds

    Are you looking for a modern fashionable train makeup case to replace your old small bag? Settle with the sunrise 13364 model. The case boasts of its 4 in 1 design which provides an extra-large storage room for all your things. Plus, unlike these traditional gags, the storage room is customizable thanks to the different-sized parts that will hold all bottle sizes smoothly. Also, the drawers will provide you a chance to organize and access your things readily even when space is a limit anywhere you go.

    Constructing from the durable aluminum material, this is a guarantee you will purchase a sturdy and high-quality product which you won’t regret at all. Additionally, the sleek black shading makes it very attractive; its neck-bending to everyone who sees it- and above all, its maintenance is just a breeze. Why? Its interior is very easy to clean. Thus you can maintain its hygienic standards high always.

    Key features:

    • Has a sleek black attractive appearance
    • Includes four detachable parts
    • Has an easy to clean interior
    • Designs with a durable aluminum finish

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    5. SHANY REBEL Series artist makeup case

    5. SHANY REBEL Series Pro Makeup Artists Rolling Train Case - Trolley Case - Curious Black Cat

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    • Product dimensions:18 by 14.8 by 31 inches
    • Item weight: 20 pounds

    This is an incredible and fascinating product due to its advanced features. The SHANY REBEL 2 in 1 pro case includes detachable and customizable parts which are lockable. The hinged locking doors have rubber bands on the under-side that offer support for your brushes. Whether you are a professional or not, this pro-grade case is the perfect chose for you. It designs from high-quality ABS aluminum giving it an outrageous durability while its interior lines with a dust resistant and washable cloth and this lower the maintenance cost of the entire package.

    What’s unique about it? The case features a pull-out mirror that gives you the chance to monitor all your things in the case without any struggle. Plus, it includes rolling wheels which enhance its mobility in coordination to its lightweight.

    Key features:

    • Has adjustable pull out mirror
    • Features two removable and customizable storage parts
    • Inner part has spill/ dust resistant and washable liner
    • Includes free set of mesh bag organizer with one-year warranty

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    4. Yaheetech 3 in 1 pro artist train cosmetic case

    4. OGIMA Professional Rolling Makeup Case Cosmetic Train Box Trolley (Black)

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    • Product dimensions: 28.4 by 14 by 9.1 inches
    • Item weight: 16.5 pounds

    Yaheetech artist cosmetic case is a premium quality product that features multiple colors you will choose. The 3 in1 case has an open top part that gives access to the inner parts without acting as a barrier. With an extra-large bottom compartment, it has rubber dividers as well as the top part to give your thing a better secure storage always. What about is versatility? The case is multi-purpose in the fact that you can use it for cosmetics, workplace, traveling or at the hairdresser point and still give you the best performance.

    More, it features two swivel skate wheel and robust pull–out handle that add up to its mobility. Plus, its interior has a velvet liner that provides maximum protection for your properties. Moreover, the case has a lower rubber pad: the pad will prevent the development of friction between the trolley and the floor which in return cause scratches damaging the floor. Finally, ensuring maximum protection for all your cosmetics. The case engineers with lockable doors and it has a carrying capacity of up to 30lbs thus no breakdowns due to overloading.

    Key features:

    • Have three storage parts with velvet interior liner
    • They are versatile
    • Have two swivel wheels, adjustable pull-out handle
    • Manufactures from aluminum alloy and PVC materials
    • Bottom part has rubber padding to avoid scratches on floor

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    3. OGIMA professional train makeup cases

    3. Yaheetech 2-wheel 3-in-1 Professional Aluminum Artist Rolling Trolley Makeup Train Case Cosmetic

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    • Product dimensions: 9.2 by 20.8 by 14.4 inches
    • Item weight: 10 pounds

    OGIMA is a brand new model present today in the market which poses to be a must-have product if you want to replace your tiny old bags. With an extra-large storage area, it has dividers giving you the feeling of being in command of how you want the bottles to be set. The trolley case features rolling wheels and pull-out sturdy handle that facilities its flexible maneuver any time you want to travel with your makeups.

    Additionally, OGIMA engineers from the aluminum frame while their corners have steel reinforcement provide 100% guarantee for its durable lifetime performance. More reasons why you must purchase it, the cosmetic case is quite versatile; use if, for professional purposes at home, hairdresser, cosmetic storage or at the workplace and still will perform its role with full dedication. Finally, the case features a beautiful silver finish thus no one will regret having is among other house decors plus with the built-in locks and provided keys, your makeup is adequately secured and put out of reach for the unauthorized users.

    Key features:

    • Easy hinged lockable design with keys
    • Made from durable aluminum, steel reinforcement, and nylon liners
    • It’s versatile; multipurpose
    • It’s very cheap

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    2. Professional 3 in 1 makeup train case

    2. Professional Makeup Train Case,Portable Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Storage Jewelry Organizer

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    • Product dimensions: 3.78 by 9.8 by 24 inches
    • Item weight: 19.3 pounds

    This is another product by Gootrades Company though featuring with modern advanced components. The pro-grade train makeup case just as its name suggests makes your products be organized and handled professionally. Use it for professional or home care products all-time at an affordable price.

    Constructs from the durable aluminum frame and PVC body: therefore if you are in the long run to cut short your huge expenses, this will be your best scope thanks to its economic value. Roll it readily on the swivel skate wheel and to enhance its mobility, it includes a pull-out handle thus all becomes a breeze. Plus, the durable case has more than enough storage room: four separate and adjustable parts fitted with dividers.

    Thus you can customaries your makeup arrangement as you prefer without any space restrictions. Extra accessories, it has a sleek silver finish that’s neck-bending to all. Don’t miss out!

    Key features:

    • Has extra-large storage room with adjustable dividers
    • Readily portable; Omni-directional four-wheel
    • It’s beautiful and durable
    • Constructs from eco-friendly materials

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    1. Koval inc. 4-wheel makeup train cosmetic case

    1. Koval Inc. 4-wheel Rolling 2in1 Makeup Train Cosmetic Case Black

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    • Product dimensions: 14 by 9.5 by 29 inches
    • Item weight: 23 pounds

    Buy this brand new product that is gaining its popularity in the market today for its great functionality. The Koval inc cosmetic train case feature four swivel design wheel that facilitates its easy mobility. With an adjustable mirror, you will be able to view your perfectly organized makeup anytime you want simply whether at the salon or home. What’s more? The case has two parts; top and bottom compartments. These drawers’ fits with adjustable dividers that give you an opportunity to customize the storage space to keep your makeups well organized.

    More interesting, Koval 2 in 1 boasts of its EVA insulation which keeps your things cool always thus improved protection. Talking of its protection; the interior has nylon liners to add up to all this and also makes its maintenance cheap since the liner is easy to clean. Also, durability is a priority by the manufacturer: constructs from durable aluminum alloy frame with ABS black finish thus you have lifetime functionality. A bonus, the top part is wide allowing easy access to the stored products and its mobility is just a breeze with the included removable shoulder strap.

    Key features:

    • Has EVA insulations for cool interior environment always
    • Constructs from durable aluminum and ABS finish
    • Have storage parts with adjustable dividers
    • The nylon liners are easy to clean and provide max protection to the makeups

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    Why do you have to struggle with all your makeup every time you are in the long run traveling? Sometimes we find it hard to dig into our loaded bag and proof check if we have packed every makeup bottle you will need to use out there. It’s time you bid bye to all this trouble and cumbersome task by going the professional way of owning a quality train make-up case. Don’t miss out! Make your brilliant choice with one of those featured in our Top 10 Best Makeup Train Cases in 2019 reviews.

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