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Top 10 Best Maternity Belts in 2022 Reviews

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    Pregnancy sure does put a toll on a woman’s body. There’s discomfort and aches to deal with. But that’s not all. A woman should also be able to move around whilst ensuring that her back, hips, and belly are protected at all time. A one-stop solution is maternity belts.

    Here’s a list of the 10 Best Maternity Belts in 2022 you can find online.

    10. NeoTech Care Maternity Pregnancy Support Belt


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    This belt is known to alleviate pain and discomfort in the lumbar sacral region. It lends support to the hips and belly as well.

    • It’s made from a cotton-nylon lining along with a multilayered laminate to enhance breathability
    • This belt is also fully adjustable in order to support the belly
    • Also present are four elastic side panels that provide comfort and stability by adding ventilation and compression
    • The belly must always be lifted a bit to provide comfort which is what this belt does with its abdominal lift attachment
    • This belt is available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large

    9. Maternity Belt Plus Baby Bib by HealthySam


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    You’re in for a lot of additional accessories that come with this maternity belt (more on this later). But, let’s talk about the belt itself.

    • For starters, it shields and protects your baby bump and provides support to the wait and abdomen
    • The elastic wrap on this belt relieves pain and discomfort originating in the pelvic area, lower back, hip, and abdomen
    • The belt also balances the extra weight carried in the belly by correcting posture, strengthening the spine and muscles
    • It is also known to lessen stretch marks before and after pregnancy
    • It is made from breathable fabric to provide ventilation. It also matches varying skin tones whilst looking sassy
    • The velcro straps enhance adjustability whereas the belt’s elastic material stretches to cater to different sizes
    • The whole bundle comes with a protective case and a baby bandana/bib made from 100% genuine cotton

    8. E. Park Pregnant & Postnatal Band

    E. Park

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    Know someone who’s pregnant? Why not gift this maternity belt? After all, you’ll be easing her discomfort and caring for her baby. Here are a few other benefits of this belt.

    • Relieves hip and pelvic pain
    • Corrects posture, strengthens back and abdominal muscles
    • Holds the fetus safely and stays on without slipping. This is particularly helpful in supporting hips, waist, pelvic bone, and the belly
    • The brace can also be used post-pregnancy to provide support and comfort
    • The belt expands as and when the belly does and also balances its weight by correcting posture
    • Say goodbye to stuffiness, itch, and sweat with this maternity belt that’s lined with a soft and breathable fabric

    7. Babo Care Abdominal Binder & Belly Band for Pregnancy

    Babo Care

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    There are plenty of maternity belt manufacturers who promise something but deliver a product that doesn’t meet standards. This belt, however, maintains quality and protects both the mother and her unborn child.

    • You’ll be able to move around, sit, stoop, or sleep with this belt on as it supports the hips, back, and belly
    • This belt is made from a soft breathable fabric that can we wore comfortably under any clothing
    • The elasticity on this belt is magnificent, stretching to support all belly sizes. Moreover, it retains its shape even after pregnancy
    • This belt also corrects your posture by aligning the spine and strengthening abdominal muscles

    6. Maternity Belt Leward (TM) Brand Pregnancy Support Belly Brace


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    Is it just the unborn child that needs support from a maternity belt? Certainly not! The mother who carries the baby is arguably more important because she requires all the comfort and care before and after pregnancy. This maternity brace helps achieve total comfort and protection for a mother and her fetus.

    • This belt alleviates pain in the lumbar sacral region and the belly by supporting them whilst strengthening muscles
    • There are four elastic panels on this belt that provide compression and support whilst ensuring that ventilation and breathability do not take a hit
    • The fabric is lightweight making it easy to fasten below any piece of clothing
    • Washing this belt is also easy. Just use some cold water and amid soap

    5. Babo Care Breathable Belly Band for Pregnancy

    Babo Care

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    Nobody likes pain. Everyone likes to do away with it immediately. But for expecting mothers, pain and discomfort persist for a long time, even after childbirth. This is the reason why a maternity brace can be the best solution amongst other things.

    • Babo Care maternity belt provides gentle compression in the abdominal region and also lessens the extra weight by correcting posture and providing lift
    • It strengthens the back and abdominal muscles and alleviates pain in the hips and pelvic region
    • This belt can be worn under any piece of clothing and at any time or any place. Its soft breathable fabric does not clash with the clothes you wear
    • This belt stretches up to 48 inches and comes back to its initial shape even after pregnancy

    4. Bracoo Maternity Belt for Prenatal or Postpartum Comfort


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    As the father (or anyone) who cares for the mother and her child, your responsibility will be to look after the wellbeing of both. While you can motivate and keep her happy, it’s imperative that you gift her a maternity brace to lessen her burden.

    • Take this maternity belt by Bracoo that wraps around waist sizes up to 46 inches
    • It cradles the belly and provides gentle compression in the abdominal area
    • It reduces the occurrence of uterine prolapse and also strengthens the lumbar muscles
    • Pressure due to body weight is also relieved from the lumbar region with this belt
    • There is a secondary belt that can be tightened to provide support for change of posture
    • Its elastic and soft breathable fabric adds more support with velcro straps

    3. GABRIALLA Elastic Maternity Belt


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    The fetus is heavily-dependent on the mother for food and growth. Of course, the mother is under stress and discomfort during pregnancy and she’s brave enough to weather it. However, everything should be done to comfort her and lessen the discomfort she’s in.

    • This maternity belt by Gabrialla should be every mother’s pick because it provides impeccable abdominal support
    • It supports the weakened lumbar, hip, and pelvic regions by providing gentle compression
    • There are pockets that run 6 inches deep. This is particularly helpful in hot and cold therapy where hot and cold packs can be inserted and clamped down in place with the pockets
    • It provides extra support to the back and abdominal region which is helpful during workouts
    • This belt also lessens the formation of stretch marks and helps you attain your pre-pregnancy body after childbirth

    2. NEOtech Care Maternity Belt for Pregnancy Support

    Maternity Belt

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    A mother will always put everything else, including her own discomfort, before her baby. While that’s what mothers are known for, it’s mandatory that her health and well being be prioritized as much as her baby’s. After all, the baby’s health solely depends on the mother’s.

    • Possessing a maternity belt by NeoTech Care is the right way of going about caring for the mother and child because it relieves discomfort and provides support to the fetus
    • It comes with reinforced velcro straps that enhance adjustability to shelter abdominal growth
    • The nylon/cotton elastic lining with breathable fabric provides ventilation
    • The belt comes with a lift attachment that provides additional lift without adding pressure whilst prevent the belt from rolling and slipping

    1. AZMED Maternity Belt and Breathable Abdominal Binder

    AZMED-Maternity Belts

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    All entries on this list are excellent maternity belts that relieve discomfort faced by a mother and her child. This entry has the following features which make it stand out from the rest.

    • The elasticity is top-notch that supports the pelvis, belly, and the back. It also expands steadily as the belly grows and comes back to its original stretch after pregnancy
    • Gentle compression is exerted in the abdominal area for more comfort and support
    • The belly wrap provides support to the spine by easing the pressure and strengthening the lumbar muscles
    • Posture and muscles can be corrected and strengthened respectively before and after pregnancy

    Buyer’s Guide: Since the choice of maternity belt depends on the comfort and support parameters, you should opt for one that has reinforced elasticity and additional straps. Also, keep in mind the breathability of the fabric.

    A maternity belt is not just for women who are pregnant. It can be post-partum corrector to get back into shape and reduce stretch marks.

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