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Top 10 Best Men Engineer Boots in 2019

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    Working in the field is what most engineers will have to do. It is said that your tasks or your jobs might not be that tough if you are wearing comfortable shoes to work. We are sure that you, engineers, are looking for the shoes that can prevent your feet from getting injures that might possibly happen on the field and is durable enough to be used for quite a long time even if walking or running through water, cement or wet soil. That is the reason why we come today in order to let you know the best men engineer boots that could help you well at work.

    List of Top 20 Best Men Engineer Boots in 2019

    10. Original Chippewa Collection Men Engineer Boot

    10. Original Chippewa Collection Men's 7 Inch Steel Toe Engineer Boot

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    First and foremost, we are going to start with the best men engineer boot from Original Chippewa Collection. The boots are made of a hundred percent leather. It is made in the USA with the Vibram sole and Vibram v-bar cork cole as well. It features the steel box safety toes to prevent your toes or feet getting injured when there is something dropped on them. It comes with the logger heel featuring the good year welt that makes these boots more fashionable and attractive. These boots itself can resist well with water and can be used for a very long time.

    9. Harley Davidson Men’s Gary Engineer Boot

    9. Harley-Davidson Men's Gary Engineer Boot

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    The next best one is our list comes from Harley Davidson. These boots are made of leather and come in black color. Looking from the outlook, you will see that these pairs come with the shaft that measures around 10 inches from your each connected with the heel measures around 1.75 inches. Harley Davidson has made these boots to provide you the coolest styles that you have never seen before.

    8. FRYE Men’s Sutton Engineer Boot

    8. FRYE Men's Sutton Engineer Boot

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    Then, we are going to continue our review with one of the best men engineer boots from FRYE. They are made of high-quality leather with the antique finishes full grain leather. The leather lining is completely smooth which really make you feel satisfied when seeing the lining from the outside. They are also attached to the leather straps and buckle accents as well. Anyway, the shaft comes with the measurement of 9 inches from the while the heel is around 1.5 inches and the boot opening is approximately 14 inches round.

    7. Polar Fox Brady MPX508571 Mens Casual Classic Combat Fur Lined High

    7. Polar Fox Mens Classic Modern Engineer Motorcycle Boots

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    We are going to introduce you to the best modern engineer motorcycle boots from Polar Fox. The fabric is the synthetic materials that are used to build out these best pairs. The fabric lining is smooth and perfect enough to catch your eyes. Polar Fox has designed these boots with the zip up boot design to make you feel comfortable and quick when wearing these boots. It can resist well with water and can protect your feet from getting hurt by something dropping on. The boots themselves look well from the outside, comfort your feet well while working and have the long lifespan as well.

    6. Funtasma Men’s Engineer Boot

    6. Funtasma Men's Captain-110 Engineer Boot

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    The fifth best engineer boot that comes in line is the manmade one from Funtasma. They are made of the synthetic material which ensures that the quality and comfort will come along with the boots. These boots look very nice and allow you to walk in these boots for hours with the flat heel design. The shaft comes in 15 inches from arch when the heel is approximately 1.5 inches. To add more, the boot opening is made with the size of 16 inches round. It comes in 2 colors options so you can choose from favorite ones to wear.

    5. Xelement Classic Men Black Engineer Boots

    5. Xelement 1440 Classic Mens Black Engineer Boots - 11.0 EE

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    Let’s continue our review with the best men engineer boots from Xelement. Xelement has chosen the high-quality full-grain as the materials to produce this black heavy duty engineer boots out. Plus, they are also constructed with the good year welt to make you more comfortable. The sole and the heel are made to resist well with the oil, water, and wet sand featuring with the oil tanned leather upper that will make themselves more useful, attractive and convenient.

    4. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Engineer Boots

    4. Red Wing Heritage Men's Engineer Boot

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    Come up next to the one from Red Wing Company. Red Wing is well known due to its style and quality and still, Red Wing has brought another best engineer boots to market again. The boots themselves can work well even if you are working in the harsh environment. They are made of leather with the rubber sole along. The hardware is all silver to make boots more eye-catching. The shaft measures 10.25 inches from the arch and the boot opening are onl2.75 inches. They are built from the high-quality weather so what you need to do is just standing cool and looking good anytime you are in.

    3. Funtasma Men’s Gotham Engineer Boots

    3. Funtasma Men's Gotham-109 Engineer Boot

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    We are pleased to get you to know the best men’s Gotham engineer boots from Funtasma. These pairs are the manmade pair that comes with the synthetic sole. The shaft comes with the measurement of 15.5 inches from the arch with the heel measurement of 1.25 inches and 1 ½ high. The look outside is very elegant and let you stay cool even in a rough situation. It can resist well with the environment and last for a very long period of time.

    2. Adtec Men’s Engineer Motorcycle Boot

    2. Adtec Men's Engineer Motorcycle Boot

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    Another best engineer boots from Adtec is made of the full grain oil leather that allows these boots to work well even in harsh situations. These are one of the knee-high motorcycle booths that the upper is leather and the side is completely soft on your feet. Adtec has also attached these pair to a split shaft and another two straps with closure for easy fit. Plus, the outsole resists well with oil and constructed well with the good year welt.

    1. Funtasma Men’s Engineer Boots


    1. Funtasma Men's Gotham Engineer Boot

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    The last best engineer boots of today are the pairs from Funtasma. They are made of polyurethane with the synthetic sole to ensure the durability and safety for your feet. The shaft comes with the measurement of 13 inches from the arch and another approximately 1.25 inches for the heel. The boots are designed with the removable buckled shaft as well

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    So far, you have come through 10 best men engineer boots that come in high quality and highly recommended for its performance. All of which will protect your feet and your toe well from getting injured in harsh tasks. Grab one and enjoy the fashionable style and the feeling of comfort that the boots could give.
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