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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets For Men in 2022

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    People often prefer riding bikes over cars, bikes are always convenient can be parked in a tiny place and they look stylish too. Bikes are all time favorite especially for the youth as they are cost-effective in comparison to cars. Above all, safety comes as the primary factor that everyone should take care of. Just like seat belts are important in a car, helmet keeps the same importance for those who love to ride bikes. They ensure your safety and keep you from any bad luck if you meet an accident. So here is our list of Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets For Men in 2022.

    List of Top Best Motorcycle Helmets for Men Review

    10. AUTOPDR Open Face Vintage Motorcycle Helmet


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    This one looks amazing when it comes to a helmet that looks classy having a hint of vintage. It comes in a black color that looks amazing with that cool google mask. Teens and youth are the major target market for this helmet, and it suits adults too if you are on a casual drive.


    • An eye-catching and cool helmet for bike enthusiasts
    • Made of ABS quality plastic that is lightweight and the leather shell protects you against shock and impact
    • A premium detachable goggle mask is provided to protect your eyes
    • It goes very softly on your head and keeps it breathable
    • It doesn’t hurt your ears or head while wearing for hours of riding

    9. Conquer Full Face Rally Racing Helmet


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    If you are ready for the rally race, then this is a perfect helmet that you can choose in black and white color. It is a full face helmet that comes with an eye mask too. For white, it comes as glossy while the black finish is matte.


    • The construction is performed using fiberglass shell that promotes Lightweight
    • It is all padded inside that gives you comfort and fit perfectly
    • It is breathable and fire retardant too
    • It comes with a Kevlar chin strap, and the cheek pads are detachable
    • Overall a nice helmet that is approved by Snell’s safety standards

    8. GLX Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet


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    Another classy yet cool half helmet that you can own if you don’t want to feel much burden on your head. The helmet is available in both matte and glossy black, and it is there in all sizes from small to extra-large. S from teen to adult it can be the chance of everyone.


    • There are two visors: one for a transparent view and another for Smoked
    • The outer shell can be adjusted as per your fit, and you don’t feel any burden
    • It is lightweight that is just 2.1 pounds
    • The helmet is high impact resistant and uses EPS foam
    • Easily washable and the strap lets you wear it off easily

    7. Tongshop Motorcycle Helmet Riding Goggles Glasses


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    A great helmet from Tongshop that is rich in features and almost all the parts are detachable. So you can wear light or heavy as per your and the environmental needs. It is primarily designed for bikers who are professionals and want something sturdy and secure while driving.


    • It doesn’t get scratches and uses anti-dazzle PC lens
    • Comes with detachable google glasses and face mask
    • It is secure yet promotes breathability
    • Gives you complete protection against UV rays
    • It is windproof & waterproof, does not allow any dust to enter while you ride
    • It comes in four different google glass colors from white to colorful

    6. TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet


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    Another half helmet and this time it is from TORC. It is available in three sizes, S, XL, and XXL and mainly available in black and white color and the different stamps on the helmet make it super cool.


    • An amazing piece as a helmet for students and can be a great gift too for any biker
    • The half helmet promotes a light look
    • The outer shell can be adjusted to different sizes, so it doesn’t look bulky
    • It comes with a sun visor too that takes care of your eyes
    • Easily removable using the straps and it comes handy while washing
    • Inner comfort padding and cheek pads are detachable

    5. YEMA YM-829 Crash Helmet


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    A super strong helmet that is perfect for street bikers that give them full security and comfort. Color and size can be chosen plus it is DOT approved too.


    • It is made for professionals, so it ensures 100% safety and comfort
    • Excellent construction in both terms outer and inner
    • Made for adventures like street racing, Dirt Bike, Quad, etc.
    • The style suits both men and women.
    • The material is ABS with the aerodynamic build, and it comes with Reinforced Chin Strap
    • Ventilation System is amazing that lets you breathe easily, and you don’t feel exhausted

    4. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Sun Shield Mp3 Intercom (L, MATTE BLACK)


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    It is a full-face helmet that anyone can own for their daily riding business. There are five different sizes available, and for the colors, you can go from Black gloss, Red, White and Red, White and Blue.


    • It is enriched with Bluetooth compatibility
    • Comes with dual visor and a sun shield that you can take off
    • The construction seems very sturdy, and it is DOT approved too
    • The ABS thermal shell is used that keep you against any impact
    • There is an interior lining, and the straps perform very securely with that chin guard

    3. Triangle Full Face Matte Black/Red Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet


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    It is a street racing bike helmet that professionals can go for. It is available from small to extra-large, and there are four different colors as well.


    • It is a full face helmet, and DOT approved
    • ABS shell is used that can take the high amount of impacts
    • The ventilation system is perfect that allows air to pass and keeps you from exhaustion
    • Easily removable and washable, so there is no chance of bacteria buildup
    • The buckle allows a quick release, and the lock mechanism can be believed
    • Safety latch s there too to keep the glass secure

    2. FreedConn Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Helmet


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    A fully functional helmet that takes care of your entertainment too and hence you get Bluetooth compatibility along. There are buttons too for volume adjustments, and you can choose from five different colors. Let’s read out the features.


    • Built-in Bluetooth system that matches compatibility with most of the devices for a more convenient talk
    • ABS material is used for manufacturing that is lightweight, and it offers proper ventilation too whether you need to make phone calls. Listen to FM, songs; it is just one button operation
    • Cheek pads are there too that you can remove and clean
    • It is approved by both DOT and ECE

    1. ILM Motorcycle Full Face Helmet – Dual Visor Flip up Modular

    ILM Motorcycle Helmets For Men

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    A helmet by ILM that looks super cool and comfortable to wear. It is a full face helmet that comes up with dual visor system. There are more than six different colors to match up with your personality, and all the sizes are available too.


    • Looks modern and is secure that it can absorb maximum impact and shock
    • It comes with a liner inside and detachable cheek Pads
    • It is lightweight and soft overall that you can remove and wash easily
    • The helmet supports an anti-scratch and anti-fog feature and gives an ultra-clear view
    • Item weight is 4 pounds


    Wearing helmet should be your priority before going for a ride and for that purpose all these helmets will serve you well. There are different kinds of helmets that we mentioned, and you can buy as per your situation like whether you are a professional or a casual ride.

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