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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets For Women in 2022

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    In this authoritative male society, women are slowly but steadily showing that they can be equal or even better than men, be it sports or work. Another field that had seen a rise in women population over the years is a motorcycle. Stereotypically a man dominated activity; it has seen a female activity increase over the years. Be it a feeling of freedom, independence or merely gaining confidence, one cannot just deny the charm of women motorcycle. But with the thrill comes another important rule that’s meant to be followed – safety first. Speed thrills but can also kill, so one needs to take precautions and one of the most important safety equipment is a helmet. If you want to enjoy a fun and sporty cycle ride, you might want to check out these top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Women in 2022.

    List of Top Best Motorcycle Helmets For Women Review

    10. CUSTOM BILT Motorcycle Half Helmet – MD Women’s Hawk Tribal Black/Pink


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    It’s flashy, it’s safe, and it’s a perfect tool to keep you safe in your thrill for adventure with its injection-molded ABS shell and high-quality paint finish with a 2-coat lacquer and flat matte finish.


    • It has a classic cruiser style which allows a very minimalist look, and the double-D ring safety retention system ensured your perfect protection.
    • The comfort padded straps on the ear make sure the safety of your delicate ears.
    • It not only meets but also exceed DOT standards.



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    Coming from the famous D.O.T line, it’s bound to be something good right? It’s pink and sparkly meeting and exceeds D.O.T. Safety Standards FMVSS 218 for a perfectly safe ride.


    • Coming in three different sizes, you are sure to get your perfect fit.
    • It’s Moisture Wicking Fabric not only keeps your head cooler but also more comfortable during rides.
      It comes with 5 Snaps contrary to standard 3 for use with the Tear Off Shields.

    8. HJC Cosmos Women’s CL-17 Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet – MC-11 / Medium


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    With its advanced polycarbonate composite shell which is both lightweight and features superior fit and comfort by use of CAD technology comes the visual masterpiece which as beautiful as it is safe.


    • It has an Anti-Scratch Pin lock-ready Face shield (HJ-09) for protection along with a side-face shield locking mechanism which gives you an ultra-secure seal.
    • It has a pin lock ready system for total security.
    • It’s ACS also known as Advanced Channelling Ventilation System provides full front to back cool airflow that flushes heat and humidity out keeping you cool and going.

    7. HCI Motorcycle Helmet – White/Pink Open Face Fiberglass Ladybug 15-250


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    Coming with the slogan safety is first, comes the next somewhat safe but straightforward design to meet your needs with its highly durable Fiberglass Shell and Adjustable top vents.


    • It fits or exceeds DOT standard for safety
    • Face shield which protects you from dust and other insecurities
    • High-quality paint for an attractive yet simple look

    6. YEMA YM-628 Motorcycle Helmet


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    This Open Face Carbon Fibre Motorcycle Helmet is DOT Approved and is attractive enough for both men and women wear.


    • It’s outstanding Materials of Carbon Fiber Shell, Reinforced Chin Strap, Multi-Density EPS, Double D-Ring Buckle make it safe for use.
    • It’s Sun Visor System is not only easy to switch for change in sun vision but also easy to use and put on.
    • It has comfortable pads installed which are fully removable and washable to keep helmet fresh and odor free. Extra space for eyewear and Bluetooth Speakers.

    5. GLX Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet DOT Approved (Matte Black, Large)


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    This lightweight 2.1-pound helmets made up of impact resistant EPS foam and comes with 2 Visors (Clear + Smoked Tinted) which are compatible with most 3rd party Bluetooth Units.


    • It comes with 2 Sizes outer shell which gives proper scale in appearance but also does not makes the helmet look overly padded.
    • Also has a removable and washable liner which make cleaning easy and its quick release strap makes use more comfortable.
    • Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 safety standard and comes in various sizes like S (57-58 CM; M (57-58 CM; L (59-60 CM; XL (61-62 CM; XXL (63-64 CM). Also has 3-Year Warranty.

    4) CUSTOM BILT Roadster Retro Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet – MD, Flames Orange


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    The classic flat visor on an open-face helmet is trendy and is one of the safest riding equipment for women with its hi-tech injection molded polycarbonate shell and superior aesthetic design.


    • It’s quality paint coupled with double lacquer finish give it a superior look
    • The stylish and trendy retro twin-stripe graphic detail makes it unique from its peers.
    • Also comes with Double-D ring retention system

    3. Origine O528 Pilota 3/4 Helmet (Flat Cream, X-Large) (Red Gara)


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    It’s Flat Cream/Red Gara color make you look aesthetic when you are out and about on your motorcycle. Have a glorious adventure with this original helmet.


    • All helmets meet or succeed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218
    • Attractive color scheme.

    2. Voss 888FRP Paisley Graphic DOT Half Helmet – M – Matte Purple – with Drop Down Sun Lens and Hand Laid Fiberglass


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    Titles as the BEST SELLER, this Woman’s Paisley Graphic in Metallic Purple is the helmet you were looking for your entire ride. The ratchet mechanism is built with quality in mind, and you cannot ask to be safer.


    • With a helmet weight of 2.0 lbs / 945 g, extra lightweight but secure because of its low profile handwoven Fibreglass shell which fits comfortably on your head
    • Comfort level to the max with removable microfiber liner 9 (Kool Komfort) which is easily detachable.
    • Contain Voss Integrated Visor System which protects your eyes from sun damage.

    1. Core Helmets Deluxe Half Helmet

    Core Helmets Motorcycle Helmets For Women

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    This is the perfect helmet for the adventurer enthusiast looking for a new half helmet coverage without compromising on safety. It fits lower on your head unlike other comparable DOT half helmets and functions smoothly throughout your ride.


    • Contain Zip-on/Zip-off neck curtain for easy use
    • Flat black finish uses a premium matte automotive paint that goes with your every look giving you a classy vibe.
    • Made with an injection thermoplastic alloy shell for most safety you can get.
    • Meets and exceeds DOT FMSV218 standard giving you the utmost security you can ask for.


    A classy helmet is not a hindrance to you looking cool; on the contrary, a helmet can enhance your looks and vibes, making you look more relaxed or more stringent. If you want to be respectable in your motorcycle circuit then having one of these ten helmets is a must for you.

    A woman is the mood maker of the family, and no matter how adventurous one gets, they should not forget that coming safely back to the family is a must. Follow the safety rules and make safety your first and second priority. Never leave home for a motorcycle ride without your helmet. Have a safe, classy and adventurous trip ahead and never forget, a helmet is a difference between life and death.

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