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Top 10 Best Picnic Blankets in 2019

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    Outdoor sporting activities are common mostly during the summer period when the kids are off school. These are the times we find the whole family embarking to go for a picnic or even some kind of camping. Picnics are essential events that will enhance the family bonding as well as relax your mind from the usual working routine thus you ought to have the best and comfortable experience there.

    Being an outdoor event; mostly the terrain might mess up your comfortability: they are varying with grassy, sand beach or rocky ground. How will you get comfortable when lying on the wet grass or rocky ground? This calls for a picnic blanket. Picnic blankets are well padded, waterproof and soothing giving you the relaxing feeling you are looking for when going for picnics.

    Therefore, enjoy your stay out there with the best picnic blanket. Choosing the best from the saturated market isn’t easy but with our comprehensive reviews on the top 10 best picnic blankest in 2019 will provide the winner.

    List of Top 10 Best Picnic Blankets in 2019

    10. Extra Large Outdoor Picnic Blanket

    10. Extra Large Outdoor Picnic Blanket, Waterproof Backing Soft Fleece Material Camping Tote Mat

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    • Product dimensions: 40 by25 by 12cm (folded)
    • Item weight: 2.2 pounds

    The picnic blanket just like its name suggests it’s huge: measuring 200 by 200cm when open, providing sufficient space to fit adults and even the whole family. When buying a picnic blanket, the customer aims to add comfort to the outdoor activity. This is why the blanket designs with all this in mind: it has a soft micro-fleece surface that soothes you when lying on it thus enhancing your resting mood.

    Being an outdoor tool, it engineers to ensure it can withstand the extreme conditions out there. The blanket is heat treated making it wear/tear resistant and feature reinforced polyester back making it waterproof thus you will use it even on wet grass without hesitation. More, the blanket is easy to maintain thanks to its easy-to-clean makeup. Cleaning is a breeze since all you need is to wipe-clean with a damp cloth. Above all, its lightweight with a compact fold thus its portability is not limited: fold it and tie with Velcro then pack it in the car trunk.

    Key features:

    • Has an extra-large lying surface; 200 by 200cm
    • It’s lightweight with a compact fold design
    • Has a comfortable micro-fleece cover and polyester reinforcement on back improving its water/sand resistance
    • It’s easy to clean and transport

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    9. Zhongban Extra-Large picnic Blanket

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    • Product dimensions: 80 by 90 inches
    • Item weight: 1.3lbs

    This is a high-quality and durable product which cots little with a wide range of advantages in its package. The picnic blanket by Zhongban is the best choice for you if budget is a nightmare. Why? It is very cheap costing you only pennies from your wallet and in turn offers you a lifetime performance making it quite economical. Measuring 80″ by 90″ this extended surface is enough to accommodate up to four adults or even the whole family comfortably.

    Though a cheap product, this doesn’t mean it’s fake! The blanket features 100% soft polar fleece material on the surface which gives a comfortable and soothing relaxation all time. Not all, its back has polyester reinforcement: make it water resistant and also tear proof thus suitable to use in any terrain. Fold it to a small compact size (10″ by 13″) and travel with it anywhere you want. Talking about its portability, the built-in handles and its lightweight add up all this giving it flexible mobility. Moreover, the blanket is easy to clean: it’s both machine and hand washable plus its appearance is never forgotten. It features either as a blue or red pretty blanket. Get your package today!

    Key features:

    • Machine and hand washable
    • Has an extended lying surface; 80 by 90 inches
    • Has a compact fold size, light weight and readily portable
    • It is cheap

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    8. Naturalrays 80″ by 60″ family picnic Blanket

    8. Family Picnic Blanket with Tote, Extra Large Foldable and Waterproof Camping Mat

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    • Product dimensions: 80 by 60 by 0.4 inches
    • Item weight: 2.55 pounds

    Why buy those classy, expensive blankets when we got a premium but pocket-friendly product right here for you? The Naturalrays 80 by 60′ picnic blanket will end all your toiling looking for the best model that cares much about your wallet. This is a family sized blanket as it large lying surface makes it able to accommodate all members comfortably.

    The must-have product it versatile giving you entertaining adventure in the beach, park or even in your backyard and much more outdoor events. Talk about its durability. It’s awesome! The blanket construct from heavy-duty 300 x 600 denier polyester fabric unlike the polar fleece used for the competitor. This fabric is waterproof, sand proof and also wear-proof giving the blanket a lifetime performance.

    Cleaning is a breeze as the blanket is machine washable and dryer able thus looks new every time you want to use it after laundry. Besides, fold it down readily to a small tote and in addition to its lightweight; you can travel with it anywhere and anytime without any difficulties. Rush for your package!

    Key features:

    • Constructs from durable 300 x 600 denier polyester material
    • It has a large 80 by 60 surface
    • It’s easy to clean: completely machine washable and dryable
    • Readily fold into a compact tote, and with the sturdy handle it’s easy to transport

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    7. Cozyswan 59″ by 79″ picnic mat

    7. Cozyswan picnic mat

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    • Product dimensions: 59 by 79 by 2 inches
    • Item weight: 2.15 pounds

    The costswan picnic blanket is a must-have product for your family. Why? The blanket is multi-functional; use it as a beach mat, floor mat inside and also a pet seat cover and to main its quality the blanket it easy to clean. Wash it with soap and water, and after natural air drying, it retains as new like before. Unlike the traditional model made of plastic, the costswan blanket engineers from heavy-duty oxford weave cloth. The oxford fabrics have improved water, sand and stain resistance thus making it ideal for the blanket to withstand all the harsh outdoor conditions and still retain its quality.

    The family picnic mat is large enough to accommodate four adults comfortably while sitting or lying. What’s unique about it? The blanket has a stripped attractive look that makes your neighbor envy you while out there. Plus, besides its huge extension, you can fold it down readily to a small compact tote and carry in your travel bag. About its portability, the built-in robust handles add up everything. Enjoy your package.

    Key features:

    • Blanket has a stripped pretty look
    • Constructs from durable oxford fabric
    • Suitable for four adults thanks to the extensible surface
    • It’s readily portable and easy to clean

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    6. CozyCoverz 50′ by 60″ picnic blankets

    6. CozyCoverz Waterproof Stadium

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    • Product dimensions: 12 by 9.5 by 3 inches
    • Item weight: 1.4 pounds

    Cozycoverz stadium and picnic blankets are gaining great popularity among the customers currently for its great performance and user convenience. The blanket features a quality construction from 100% polar fleece with a polyester shell on the back and a matching tricot binding on the edges. This fabric gives the assurance of its durability and reliable lifetime performance. Use the blanket in any terrain: grassy, damp, sand or rocky ground, without fear thanks to the protective shell that will safeguard you from all this harsh condition and still it maintains its quality.

    Never sacrifice hygiene for comfort and durability. This is why the manufacturer engineers the product putting all this in consideration, i.e., the blanket is machine washable and dryable for easy maintenance. Uniquely, the lightweight stadium blanket features a one-piece design with Velcro closure and a sturdy carry handle that facilitates its portability. Additionally, it includes two storage pocket you will conceal your properties while its extensible surface ( 50″ by 60″) provides excellent room to share with friends.

    Key features:

    • Include side storage pockets.
    • Constructs from durable water and sand proof 100% polar fleece material with matching tricot binding
    • The blanket is lightweight; Velcro closure design and built-in handle facilitate portability
    • It’s cheap
    • Machine washable

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    5. ONIVA Picnic Time outdoor picnic blanket

    5. Picnic Time Outdoor Picnic Blanket Tote XL, Blue Stripe

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    • Product dimensions: 80 by 70 by 1inches
    • Item weight: 2.35 pounds

    Got to the beach, picnic, star gazing or outdoor concerts with the best blanket by ONIVA manufacturers. The picnic blanket is suitable for use in those entire places thanks to its durable constructions with polyester reinforcement on the back which proofs it against water and stains thus preventing you and the blanket from soaking on the wet weather. Hold it by the handy built-in straps and travel anywhere you wish anytime without any difficulties.
    Plus, the XL blanket folds out to give an ample resting space: 70 by 80″ and readily folds down to a small-sized tote; 18 by 11 by 5 inches facilitating its storage and transportation. A bonus, the picnic family blanket included a zipper pocket flap, it’s easy to clean and above all, has lifetime performance guarantee.

    Key features:

    • Its only hand washable
    • Has an extra-large unfolded size; 80 by 70 inches
    • Feature handy straps, compact fold design, and its lightweight.
    • Its material makeup is waterproof and durable.
    • Features in multiple colors

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    4. Practico Outdoors Picnic Blankets

    4. Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket with Water-Resistant Backing

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    • Product dimensions: 10.6 by 1.3 by16.1 inches
    • Item weight: 1.3 pounds

    All outdoor fun activities must never be uncomfortable. That’s why one requires the number one picnic blanket like the Practico to clear all this stress when you want to sit or lie on the ground. Why? The upper side of the blanket contains soft and soothing 200gms 100% premium polar fleece material while to prevent you from damping as well as the whole package; it features polyester reinforcement on the back the back making it stain/water/ sand proof.

    Its maintenance is cheap as you will wash it in the machine, dry and reuse it as many time as possible without deterioration of its quality. Not only maintenance but also more reasons why you must have it include its user convenience and portability. The blanket folds into a compact tote readily with little effort input, and in coordination with the built-in straps and its lightweight, transportation is a breeze. Spread it to a large floor mat measuring 50″ by 80″ and share with your friends.

    Key features:

    • Engineers from premium and durable polar fleece on upper surface with polyester reinforcement on the back
    • It’s easy to set up and store
    • Unfolds to provide a significant resting area; 50″ by 80″
    • The blanket is water and windproof
    • It’s machine washable

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    3. Camco 60″ by 78″ handy mat

    3. Camco Striped Handy Mat with Strap

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    • Product dimensions: 60 by 0.5 by 78 inches
    • Item weight: 1.2pounds

    One of the best blankets having the lowest price tags compared to the standard traditional models! The must-have Camco handy mat is quite fascinating right from its costs to the wide range of benefits it holds in one package. The 60 by 78″ picnic mat provide a comfortable resting ground for you and your family or friends whether at the beach, backyard, Rvings and picnic outings giving the best experience ever. With built-in handy straps, compact fold design and ultra-lightweight, you have an opportunity to carry it anywhere you go out there and transform your outdoor adventures.

    Camco picnic handy mat features with a stripped cute look, and it could be either blue or green: some color that will always blend with the fashion and will never get boring at any point. Interesting, the handy mat constructs from durable polypropylene fabric. The material gives a water, mold and mildew resistance making it ideal to withstand all the outdoor use regardless of the weather condition. A bonus, the border contains fabric edging to avoid mat fraying which distorts its pretty look. Make your order right away!

    Key features:

    • It’s extremely cheap
    • Features side pocket, built-in handy carry straps, and fabric edging to prevent mat fraying
    • It constructs from durable polypropylene material
    • Its water, mold and mildew resistant
    • Easy to clean and store

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    2. Scuddles Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket

    2. Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket Dual Layers For Outdoor Water-Resistant Handy Mat Tote Spring Summer Blue and White

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    • Product dimensions: 59 by 76 by 0.1 inches
    • Item weight: 0.16 ounces

    Add humor and classy to your next picnic event you are planning to take the Scuddle handy picnic blanket. The blanket has a sophisticated and pretty look thanks to its tartan creative stripe design that makes all you look unique among your friends out there. Its cleanup is a breeze with the durable PEVA material makeup. Besides it is easy to clean, the back reinforcement gives a waterproof assurance as well as stains and sand thus no more soaking the blankets or yourself when sitting on the damp ground.

    Moreover, this affordable package holds more benefits rather than just a mere picnic blanket as it has multiple functions when at home. Additionally, weight less than 2 pounds the ultra-lightweight make it’s quite mobile together with the built-in carry strap. Speaking of its portability, the simple fold design to a compact small-sized tote spices up all this and also facilitates its storage.

    Spread it out to get a large resting surface: 59″ x 76″ able to accommodate four adults as well as your foods and snacks comfortably. Plus, when not I use, shake it to get rid of the attaching sand and dirt and smoothly fold it for storage.

    Key features:

    • Ultra-lightweight weighing only 0.16 ounces
    • Easy to clean, set up and transport
    • Has an extended resting surface holding up to four adults and foods/snacks simultaneously
    • Constructs from durable polypropylene weaving

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    1. Yodo Outdoor water-resistant picnic blanket

    1. Yodo Outdoor Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket Tote,Fall Winter Stripe

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    • Product dimensions: 59.1 by 53.2 inches
    • Item weight: 1.1 pounds

    The Yodo outdoor blanket feature with a classy vintage appearance with sets it to be fashionable. The premium quality blanket engineer with durable waterproof material and also includes soft polar fleece and foam cushion improving your comfort while sitting or lying. The blanket will give you a sizeable, comfortable resting surface whether at the beach, hiking, camping or RVing as it folds out to 59 by 33″: a standard size.

    What about its storage and transportation? This shouldn’t worry you anymore as the blanket has a compact fold design with produced a small tote facilitating its portability as well as storage. Plus, with the carry handle present, this is just a breeze. Purchase the eco-friendly engineered handy mat as a gift for your friends, and when unhappy with it you will get a replacement gift for them without losing your money since you have 100% money refund guarantee in 180 days

    Key features:

    • They are multifunctional
    • Have an attractive stripe design look
    • Constructs from durable, water-resistant materials
    • They are ultra-lightweight, compact and easy to store as well as transport

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    It’s time you enjoy the outdoor adventure in style with zero fallbacks by purchasing the best picnic blanket. Choosing the best doesn’t mean you consider only its price but its more. This is why we have researched and compiled a list of the top ten best models for you. Make your brilliant decision by selecting one that fits all your needs perfectly and significantly make your picnic entertain for everyone.

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