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Top 9 Best Portable Digital Voice Recorders in 2020

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    Are you guys aware of how a digital voice recorder functions? What is it exactly?

    Well, it is basically a device that helps in the conversion process of any sound (speech or any other) into an electronic format, which ultimately becomes available for transfer between PC’s and mobiles and can be stored with ease. Gone are those days where one used to carry a traditional tape recorder in order to preserve the messages of important events. Nowadays, these advanced technology devices quite fantastically developed by the top most companies in the world are the new trends. And these serve the purpose to the optimum!

    List of Best Portable Digital Voice Recorders in 2108

    Dansrue Digital Voice Activated Recorder, 8GB Digital Audio Voice Recorder with MP3 Player/Double Microphone for Lectures Meetings Interviews, Noise Reduction, Sound with Headphones (White)
    Voice Recorder, Digital Voice Recorder, MONOLED Professioal 8GB Digital Audio Voice Recorder Dictaphone with MP3 Player, Double Noise Reduction Microphone and LCD Screen
    EVISTR Digital Voice Recorder 8GB L53-1536KPBS PCM Stereo Audio Recording Device Portable Dictaphone Microphone Gain Controllable Noise Reduction
    $46.88$49.99 (6% off)
    Voice Recorder, Digital Voice Recorder, eBoTrade 8GB Multifunctional Rechargeable Dictaphone, Audio MP3 Music Player with Mini USB Port (Sliver)
    Voice Recorder - 8GB Audio Sound Recorder - Portable Rechargeable Dictaphone Recorder with Playback Noise Cancellation, A-B Repeat, Sleep Timer, MP3 Player (black7)
    Kimitech Voice Recorder Digital Audio Sound Recorder Intelligent Noise Reduction Code Lock Design 8GB Memory Double Microphones MP3 with Color Screen Charged by USB
    Digital Voice Activated Recorder by Dictopro- Easy HD Recording of Lectures and Meetings with Double Microphone, Noise Reduction Audio, Sound, Portable Mini Tape Dictaphone, MP3, USB, 8GB
    EVISTR 8GB Digital Voice Recorder with Playback - Portable Recorders for Lectures Sound Audio Recording Device Dictaphone
    $29.88$39.99 (25% off)
    Zoom ZH1 H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder (Black)

    9. Dansrue Digital Voice Activated Recorder

    10. Dansrue Digital Voice Activated Recorder

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    This digital voice recorder has an internal storage of 8 GB which is nearly equivalent to storing 700+ hours of recordings. It acts as a multi-functional unit as this recorder comes with an alarm clock, it can also be used as a fantastic mp3 player as well. It supports numerous languages too.

    Powered by built-in 360-degree surround microphone, this device produces excellent sound quality. With durability guaranteed due to the strong aluminum body, it also proves to be handy. With the help of the USB cable provided, the file transfer to the PC’s is so easy. Sound quality is not all compromised using this beast!

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    8. Voice Recorder, Digital Voice Recorder, MONOLED 

    8. Voice Recorder, Digital Voice Recorder, MONOLED

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    With this digital recorder, you surely get a crystal clear audio recording up to 500+ hours along with repeating mode (A-B) as well. Quite solidly designed and consisting of a built-in speaker, this product proves to be tailor-made for office meetings, lectures and other important events which demand to record. There also exists easy transfer process from the device to the PCs. You get perfect auditory experience using this.

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    7. EVISTR Voice Recorder 8GB PCM 1536K Clear Stereo Audio

    7. EVISTR Voice Recorder 8GB PCM 1536K Clear Stereo Audio

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    This digital Dictaphone portable recorder guarantees you flawless auditory experience with a continuous recording up to 15 long hours possible. Powered by the high effective digital signal processor, it enhances noise reduction. It has 800 mAh rechargeable battery and an internal storage of 8 GB.

    It is a perfect gift material for any lecturer or businessman. It has got an AUX port and a hell lot more exciting features that make this device one to be sought out for.

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    6. Voice Recorder, Digital Voice Recorder

    6. Voice Recorder, Digital Voice Recorder

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    A completely dynamic product! With a simple yet elegant design, this portable voice recorder includes microphone line, a telephone adapter and other usual accessories in its package. It is powered by ultra-sensitive microphones with dynamic noise reduction. This enhances a hassle-free and flawless audio recording which is so pleasing. Coming to the storage front, it can store up to 650 hours of recordings. It has also built-in high capacity rechargeable battery.

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    5. Voice Recorder, 8GB Audio Sound Recorder

    5. Voice Recorder, 8GB Audio Sound Recorder

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    This product has a fascinating design with a guaranteed long-lasting nature. It boasts of two dedicated microphones which act as a catalyst for the optimization of the voice recording procedure. It is also developed with advanced noise reduction technology.

    With a possession of sturdy nature with a hard design, it is quite different from usual digital voice recorders which get broken easily. The file transfer process to the computer through the USB cable is as easy as having a cup of tea.

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    4. Kimitech Voice Recorder Digital Audio Sound Recorder 

    4. Kimitech Voice Recorder Digital Audio Sound Recorder- Best Portable Digital Voice Recorders

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    The uniqueness this device offers is the code lock design in which there is scope to set a password to data protection and privacy is ensured. With 8 GB memory existing, 500+ hours of audio recording is viable and also you can continuously record up to 11 hours.

    It comes with dual microphones which enable us to record from all possible directions and also we get a crystal clear recording. The usage of this device is user-friendly, which is one of the highlights this offers.

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    3. Digital Voice Activated Recorder by Dictopro

    3. Digital Voice Activated Recorder by Dictopro

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    Quiet convenient for use, fitting in our palms, with a sumptuous design, this digital voice recorder provides us with superb auditory experience. It has got a lifetime warranty and the return policy is so awesome that it catches the eye of anyone who opts for buying.

    The huge internal storage of 8 GB aids 700 long hours of audio recording. It comprises of voice activated recording which enables us to the fact that we don’t have to click the record button every time to initiate the recording procedure.

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    2. Voice Recorder Evistr 8GB Digital Audio Sound Recorder 

    2. Voice Recorder Evistr 8GB Digital Audio Sound Recorder

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    In this package, one gets everything he desires for in a digital voice recorder. With an additional mp3 player, you can jazz up your music. One of the special features this gadget offers is the instant auto saving means you get an autosave your recording every 5 seconds.

    It has got a condenser microphone, an internal storage of 8 GB which stores up to nearly 550+ hours of recordings. It is ideal for all the students and professors or any blogger who just loves to capture all the memorable events.

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    1. Zoom ZH1 H1 Handy- Best Portable Digital Voice Recorders

    1. Zoom ZH1 H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder (Black)

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    This product stands atop amongst all the top-rated collections of digital recorders. The royal black portable recorder has a stereo X/Y MIC configuration which aids in taking the inch-perfect stereo images. It records audio at a rate of 48-320 KBPS speed for maximum recording time.

    This gadget is also powered by the Hi-Speed USB port which makes the task of transferring the files so simple. Though a little pricey, yet it is completely worth the entire penny with the fascinating features it offers.

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    So now you are well aware of the above-mentioned products which serve the purpose of preserving the crucial messages in regard to various events happening in our lives. These mentioned devices are certainly top-notch, value for money, more importantly portable, and a perfect addition to your required needs!
    So buckle up and grab one of these to your collection!

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