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Top 10 Best Receipt Printers in 2022

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    There are many things that lead to success in a business and one of it is efficiency and cost reduction. When you’re in sales sector you need to give close consideration to these two things. Caring for this need we have brought for you the top 10 best receipt printers in 2022.

    List of Best Receipt Printers in 2022

    10. MUNBYN presents 80MM Thermal Receipt Printer Machine

    10. 80MM Thermal Receipt POS Printer MUNBYN With US Dollar Currency Detector Professional Payment Machine for Home Business

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    Boost your business with this twin function machine that is capable of printing your receipts but, you can also scan dollars to detect its originality. With the use of thermal papers, you can now save your time and money to buy inks. Easy to install and using procedures puts this printer to a quick operation. Multiple connecting interfaces like USB cable, serial cable and even sharing the printer to multiple computers gives you the freedom to use this device to the best.

    Save your business from the adverse effects of counterfeit notes by using the built-in scanner that operates on UV technology and notifies you of fake notes. Due to the high printing speed of the printer and long life of the note detector this product has proved to be beneficial to various commercial organizations.

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    9. Wava POS Thermal Receipt Printer USB connectivity 58mm (W-POS58)

    9. 58MM USB Thermal Receipt Printer - WavaPos Model W-POS58

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    Cost effective high-quality printing is the specialty of this receipt printer. This USB receipt printer supports to a wide range of operating system thereby making it easy for you to install and use it. Low-noise and high-speed in printing improves your work operation. Being cost effective you can be sure that you save money on printing.

    It’s very easy to install the printer and connect it for use and on the other hand certain procedures like paper changing and maintenance and also easy to do requiring least technical efforts. Built-in power supply and a compact size require less space and attention to use this device. True to their word, the manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee with this product.

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    8. SYMCODE presents Thermal Receipt Printer, POS/ESC Print Commands

    8. 8MM USB Thermal Receipt Printer,Symcode High Speed Printing 90mm

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    Compact design and superior quality printing are some of the special features of this receipt printer. Its compatible with ESC/POS print commands with built-in data buffer results in quick performance. Working on the thermal printing technology, this printer does not require you to refill any ink rather it works on 58mm paper.

    To the best of it, this printer can deliver a printing speed of 90mm/sec saving your time and improving your work speed. Space saving design and easy to use operation makes it a perfect choice for use in restaurants, shops, and other stores.

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    7. ACEHE presents Portable Thermal Printer 58mm

    7. Thermal Receipt Printer, ACEHE 58mm USB Mini Portable High Speed Direct Thermal Printer, Printing Compatible with ESC

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    A package of extensive features and functions with the high-speed operation this receipt printer is a trusted option to choose. Being easy to configure and use this printer works on thermal technology that means you save your time and money by frequent replacements of ink cartridges. Easy to use and maintain the only thing that you need to replace frequently is the paper roll.

    Low-noise and high-speed operation make this printer a perfect solution for receipt printing at supermarkets, hotels, and other stores. Its space-saving design with built-in power supply relieves yours from many other issues that are common with large printers. Enjoy fast printing with ESC/POS print commands. The light indicator helps you to monitor with ease the printing status and condition of the printer.

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    6. SYMCODE presents Thermal Receipt Printer 80mm with Auto Cutter

    6. POS Thermal USB Square Receipt Printer Ethernet

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    This is a complete kit you need for cost-effective receipt printing for your business. With the use of thermal printing, you can now save your time and money. This will eliminate the need for replacing ink cartridges again and again. Using Epson standard ESC/POS command this printer delivers high-speed results.

    Being small and compact in size you can easily change the location of this printer and it’s compatible with a wide range of operating systems. Connect this printer to your computer with any of the three interfaces like a serial cable, USB cable and you can even share this printer to multiple computers via LAN/ Ethernet connection.

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    5. Black Portable Receipt Printer, Thermal Printing with Bill Ticket Barcode 58mm

    5. WELQUIC Small Portable USB Thermal Receipt Printer Compatible with Bill Ticket Barcode

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    Presenting a small yet high-performance receipt printer that delivers clear printing on 58mm thermal rolls and reaches to a topmost speed of 90mm/sec. Its compatibility with wide range of operating systems makes it easy for you to use it with different computers. Being a thermal printer this device does not require an ink cartridge so what you need to do is just replace the thermal paper.

    This saves your time and efforts to run on ink cartridges. On the other hand, it’s very easy to use this printer with the ESC/POS commands and you can replace the roll within seconds. The kit contains all that you need an Adapter, USB cable for connection, a thermal paper roll to instantly start your work, a user manual and a CD for the driver.

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    4. MinGz presents Portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer 58mm compatible

    4. MinGz Thermal Receipt Printer,Portable Personal Printer

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    Go wireless with this high-performance premium quality receipt printer. You can connect this device to your computer with a Bluetooth connection and enjoy the benefits of wireless printing on it. This palm-sized personal printer is very easy to carry in your bag and its built-in battery can work for 7 days without charging.

    Using a simple connection method you can use this printer on Android, iOS and Windows operated devices. This printer supports many other apps that let you use its services extensively. Assured of their best quality the manufacturer gives a 12-month replacement guarantee on a purchase of this printer. With some easy steps, you can print clear, noise-free and cost-effective prints on a 58mm paper.

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    3. Thermal Receipt Printer TM-T88V by EPSON

    3. Epson TM-T88V Thermal Receipt Printer

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    Epson presents a fast and reliable thermal printer for all your business printing needs. Delivering quality results this printer is compatible with Andriod, iOS, and Windows operating system thereby making it easy for you to use it on a wide range of devices. Its easy to set-up and use this printer and changing the thermal paper is a task of few seconds. This saves your precious time and you can focus more on developing other work needs.

    The fast printing speed of 300mm/sec is the specialty of this printer and with special print options you can save up to 30% of paper used in printing. Get this superb product from a world famous trusted brand in printers.

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    2. ReadyPrint Thermal Printer T20, by EPSON (C31CB10021)

    2. Epson ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal Printer - Monochrome - Desktop - Receipt Print (C31CB10021)

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    High-speed printing with clear output is the salient feature of this receipt printer. A quality product from a world known manufacturer you can trust the quality of this printer. With a maximum print speed of 200mm/sec, this printer will never let you down on busy working days fulfilling all your expectations and enhancing the pace of your business.

    Having thermal line printing at your business means you save money by refilling ink cartridges and time to purchase them. On the other hand, it’s very easy to operate this printer and change the paper of 80mm width.

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    1. Portable Thermal Printer TM-T20II, by EPSON (C31CD52062)

    1. Epson TM-T20II Direct Thermal Printer USB - Monochrome - Desktop - Receipt Print C31CD52062

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    For a certainty, this is the best product in the market. Featuring thermal printing in a cost-effective way, this printer frees you from the need of refilling ink cartridges. One of the noteworthy features of this printer is its lightweight design. Totally this printer weighs just 3.75 pounds making it easy for you to carry it.

    Compatible with ESC/POS command this makes it easy to get high-speed prints. Apart from this, a strong support of satisfactory service to the customers backs up the credibility of this printer.

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    To soar great heights in any business requires attention to minute details. It is often seen that saving money on small and subtle things have raised up many businesses to great heights. Your decision to buy a thermal printer would be one of the wisest decision you could make for your business.

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