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Top 10 Best Scissor Jacks in 2021 + Buying Guide

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    Owning a car requires that you keep some of the most common tools you’ll require and a scissor jack is certainly one of them. The market is filled with scissor jacks of all kind of qualities. Here’s the list of the top 10 best scissor jacks in 2021. At the end of this list, you’ll find a buying guide that will help you make a right buying decision.

    List of Top 10 Best Scissor Jacks in 2021

    10. Portable Car Scissor Jack- 2 Ton, by TONDA

    10. TONDA 2 TON Portable Car Scissor Jack

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    Lift up heavy vehicles easily with this heavy-duty scissor jack. Made to lift up to 2-ton weight this jack is an extremely important tool that every car owner should have. The max lift height of 385mm helps you to lift your car high enough that you can change the tires or do other repair works. Featuring a welded steel construction on all sides with a rust-resistant finish lets you use this jack for all seasons and extends the life of this jack.

    With Simple design and lightweight structure, this jack can fit in any car. True to its quality this jack is scissor jack designed with the adherence to ANSI/ASME standards.

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    9. Black Scissor Jack, 1.5 Ton – Fasmov

    9. Fasmov Scissor Jack-1.5 Ton,Black

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    A perfect tool for a small and medium-sized car with durable and long life construction. This jack features a heavy-duty metal frame that is built to last and can be used regularly. You can use this jack to stabilize the least height of 3.5 inches to the maximum height of 13.8 inches giving you a long range of height variations you can choose as per your convenience.

    For protection from rust, this jack is powder coated and it helps you to use it all over for years. Being compact and lightweight you can easily keep this scissor jack inside your car.

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    8. Scissor Jack JSC24IND by Stromberg Carlson

    8. Stromberg Carlson JSC24IND Scissor Jack

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    Keep your car stable and balanced with this premium quality scissor jack. Made from high-quality metal you can use this jack regularly and it will last for years. A wide variation of height ranging from 4-inches to 24-inches makes it easy to adjust the height according to your preferences. Well-balanced bottom sits well on soft and hard surfaces.

    For the best part, this jack can hold up to 2.5 tons of weight making it convenient to be used for middle range cars, SUVs, and other heavy vehicles. Being lightweight and compact you can easily store this jack in your car and take it out for use.

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    7. Set of 4 Scissor Jack RV Camper Leveling and Stabilizer

    7. Goplus 4Pcs 24 Scissor Jack RV Camper Trailer Leveling and Stabilizer

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    Great strength and durability are some of the salient features of this scissor jack. Raise your car to the height anywhere between 4-inches to 24-inches as per your convenience. This package is great for purchasing one time and using it for years to come. Made from heavy-duty steel and coated with powder for a rustproof finish that adds to the durability of this jack.

    Other features of this jack are its lightweight construction and compact make that require less space and efforts to operate this jack. Special design ensures that it requires less torque than other scissor jacks. For those who want to purchase a hassle-free package of 4 jacks and 2 handles, this kit is best.

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    6. Libra presents Set of 2 RV Stabilizer Scissor Jacks 26020

    6. Set of 2 5000 lb 24 RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks

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    This jack is different from all the other jacks available in the market as has added stamping on three sides of each arm that gives added strength and durability to this product. Special rolled edge provides the added amount of durability of this jack. This pack also includes a magnetic hex socket that can be attached to the jack while you are going to lift the vehicle using a drill machine and eight pieces of mounting screws.

    A wide range of height adjustments ranging from 5-inches to 24-inches lets you use the jack at a convenient height. You can lift a vehicle with a maximum weight of 2.5 tons with this RV stabilizing jack.

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    5. Cynder presents 24” Leveling Scissor Jack Stabilizer (00672)

    5. Cynder 00672 Leveling Scissor Jack 24

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    Heavy-duty metal frame and a high load capacity put this jacks above other jacks available in the market. A perfect jack that fits trailers, pop-ups, and motorhomes this jack features a heavy loading capacity of 2.5T that lets you use it for a wide range of vehicles.

    Carrying this scissor jack in your car is very easy due to its lightweight and compact make. You can elevate this stabilizer jack up to 24-inches in height to get a perfect balance and leveling. Large footpads of 4.5”×9” provide perfect resistance to tilting and sinking of the jack.

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    4. 2-Ton Scissor Jack (7462), ATD Tools

    4. ATD Tools 7462 Scissor Jack - 2 Ton Capacity

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    Lifting up heavy vehicles is now easy with this high-capacity scissor jack. Featuring heavy-duty metal frame this jack can hold up to 2 tons of weight which means that you can use it for lifting various kinds of vehicles. For stable lifting, this scissor jack is designed with a wide base of 7.25 inches × 4.25 inches. For the assurance of quality this scissor jack meets ANSI standards.

    Bright red color makes it easy for you to recognize this jack among other tools. Apart from this, due to its lightweight structure and compact design, it is very easy to carry this jack in your car.

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    3. Scissor Jack Grey T-9456 by PRO-LIFT

    3. Pro-Lift T-9456 Grey Scissor Jack - 3000 lb. Capacity

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    Are you looking for a mid-range scissor jack that is reasonable and compact? If yes, then this one would be a perfect choice. Featuring a perfect capacity of 1.5 tons for small and mid-range vehicles it’s very easy to use this scissor jack. As compared to other jacks, this scissor jack has an extra-wide base for better stabilization and balancing.

    Wide lifting range of 3.75 inches to 15.125 inches gives the added convenience to get the perfect height you need. True to its quality this product exceeds PALD/ ANSI norms and is trusted by many satisfied customers. Being lightweight it is very easy to operate and store this scissor jack in your car.

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    2. Heavy-duty Red Scissor Jack, 1.5 Tons, by Fasmov

    2. Fasmov Scissor Jack-1.5 Ton,Red

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    This is a build to last product featuring a premium quality metal frame. A perfect tool for stabilizing your car, SUV or trailer this jack can be extended anywhere between 3.5-inches to 13.8-inches. Its compact and lightweight construction makes it easy to operate and carry with you in your car.

    This is a reasonable option for mid-range vehicles weighing 1.5 tons. Attractive red color makes it easy to recognize this jack among other tools thereby saving your time.

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    1. Premium Quality Red Steel Scissor Jack 1.5 Ton, by TORIN

    1. Torin Big Red Steel Scissor Jack, 1.5 Ton (3,000 lb) Capacity

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    Compact and rugged steel construction is the specialty of this utility jack. Wide lifting range of 4.125 inches to 15.125 inches makes it easy for you to get the perfect height required to get your work done. Featuring an oversized base of 4.5 inches provides the added stability and balance while your use this jack.

    True to its commitment to quality this product meets ASME standard and comes with a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. The bright red color of this scissor jack makes it easy for you to find it among other tools. Lightweight construction gives you the freedom to carry this jack in your car.

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    Buying Guide for the Best Scissor Jacks

    • Lift Height: It is better to check the maximum lift height of a jack before you buy it. You should first see the measure of lift your car requires and then based on it you should choose a scissor jack that exceeds the required height of your car. This will help you to get your work done easily and conveniently.
    • Capacity: This is the most important aspect you should look for in a scissor jack. You might be having many cars but when you are searching for a scissor jack you should try to find one that is proper as considered the weight of your car.
    • Purpose: There are different kinds of jacks for a wide variety of purp0oses. Some jacks are used to lift your car for changing tires or for RV stabilization. You should be clear about the purpose of purchasing a scissor jack and this will help you find the best product you need.

    Lift with Ease

    A scissor jack is one of the most important tools that any car owner needs. However, what you need is a right product that features heavy-duty construction and will last for years. Our list features the best ones you can choose without hesitance and lift your vehicle with ease.

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