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Top 10 Best ATV and UTV Tires Reviews In 2022

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    If you own a UTV or 4X4 quad, then you know the importance of getting tires that will work on almost all terrains. These are tires with enough channels to push water aside and offer excellent traction on wet terrains. The market is full of a broad range of UTV tires something that poses a challenge to consumers. You need to have a narrowed list of the best models to help you make the right purchase decision. However, that should not worry you as we have a list of the top-rated UTV tires on the market currently. Take a look at the narrowed list of the best UTV tires to buy and choose one that best suits your UTV.

    Table of the Best ATV and UTV Tires Reviews

    10. MASSFX MS ATV/UTV Tires

    UTV Tires

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    The MASSFX MS UTV/ATV tires are a durable option made of the 6-ply bias construction. The tires are an excellent choice that will serve you for long and offer you good traction on wet terrains. The tires feature a lug design that offers excellent braking control.  They also feature a dynamic treat pattern that helps offer better traction and acceleration. With a ½ inch tread depth, you can never go wrong choosing these tires.


    • ½ inch tread depth
    • Durable 6-ply bias construction
    • Dynamic tread pattern for better acceleration and traction
    • Lug design for better braking control

    9. Set of 4 NEW WANDA ATV/UTV Tires

    Set of 4 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires

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    The New Wanda UTV tires are another excellent choice with a 0.79 tread depth which is way much better than most brands with 0.5 inches tread depth. Deeper tread depth means long life and better traction. These are top-notch tires that will handle dirt, rock, and mud, but still, offer excellent traction in the desert or woods.  They feature the durable 6-ply rated nylon construction that resists abrasions and punctures. A further shoulder lug helps protect the sidewall and rim for long-lasting use.


    • Shoulder lug to protect the rim and sidewall
    • 0.79 inches tread depth
    • Top-notch handling of dirt and mud
    • Heavy 6 ply nylon construction

    8. SunF Power.I ATV/UTV all-terrain Tires

    SunF Power.I ATV/UTV all-terrain Tires

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    The SunF Power tires are a set of four top-quality tires for UTV and ATV with a front size of 25×8-12 and a rear size of 25×1012.  The tires feature a directional angled knobby tread that ensures excellent performances in most terrains. They also feature a premium rubber to withstand some of the harsh racing conditions. These are the best UTV replacement tires with a heavy 6 ply construction that resists abrasion and punctures.  The lug pattern and depth offers great traction and skid control.  There are further aggressive shoulder knobs that provide excellent traction and side bite.


    • Heavy 6 ply construction
    • Lug pattern and depth for better traction and side bite
    • Directional angled knobby tread to work in most terrains
    • Shoulder knobs

    7. Tusk TERRABITE Heavy Duty 8-Ply DOT Radial UTV/ATV Tire

    Tusk TERRABITE Heavy Duty 8-Ply DOT Radial UTV/ATV Tire

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    The Tusk Terrabite UTV tire is a quality DOT tested option that meets all the standard compliant tests.  The tire features one of the most durable 8-ply rated construction to resist punctures and any form of abrasion. These are truck style tread tires something that offers a smooth ride on hard surfaces.  They are an excellent choice for off-road driving and will offer you better traction and braking.  Tusk tires feature a high loading rating making them a great choice for heavy machines.  They have a large 0.75 tread depth for the medium and hard terrain.


    • DOT tested to meet standard requirements
    • Radial 8-ply rated construction
    • Truck-style tread for a smooth ride
    • 0.75-inch tread depth

    6. Maxxis Big Horn 2.0 Radial 26-9R12 MU09 3 ATV Tire

    Maxxis Big Horn 2.0 Radial 26-9R12 MU09 3 ATV Tire

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    The Maxxis UTV tires are among the leading brand in the industry, and you will never go wrong choosing this brand. It is a large 3-inch wheel ideal for off-road driving. This is an all-terrain tire with a unique tread type to offer excellent traction all off-road terrains.  The tire features a 6 ply construction for durability. Overall, this is a quality UTV tire for size 26x9x12, and a must buy if you want excellent off-road UTV riding.


    • Ideal for tire size 26×9-12
    • 6-ply durable construction
    • All-terrain tire
    • Radial construction

    5. SunF A041 Mud|Trail ATV/UTV Tire 25×8-12 6-PR

    SunF A041 Mud|Trail ATV/UTV Tire 25x8-12 , 6-PR

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    SunF A041 Mud|Trail is a perfect UTV/ATV tire size 25×8-12. It is sold as a single tire although one can order as many to replace the old UTV tires. The tire features a V directional tread design that offers better traction in mud, snow and sand. This is a durable 6 ply construction tire. It resists abrasion and punctures and works on all trails.  The self-cleaning action allows for continued traction on loose soils. It also features shoulder knobs for superb traction and side bites.


    • Heavy six-ply construction
    • V directional design tread
    • Self-cleaning action for continued traction
    • Aggressive shoulder knobs to provide superior side bite and traction

    4. Set of 4 SunF A021 TT Sports ATV UTV Flat Truck Tires

    Set of 4 SunF A021 TT Sport ATV UTV Flat Track Tires

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    The SunF A021 is an excellent choice when you need good value for your money. These are four high-quality UTV and ATV tires. The tire front size measures 19×7-8 while the rear size measures 20×10-9. The tires feature a V directional tread like most SunF tires that work best in turf, hard pack and asphalt roads.  The construction is durable and resists punctures and abrasion. The extra low profile of the tires offers greater stability and controlled sliding. This also enhances smooth traction. Overall, these tires are great, and you can buy with confidence.


    • Directional V-shaped tread
    • Heavy six ply rated construction
    • Abrasion and puncture resistant
    • Low profile tread

    3. Set of 2 NEW WANDA ATV/UTV Tires

    Set of 2 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires

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    The New Wanda set of two ATV/UTV tires is the new talk in town and one you must definitely try. These tires are highly rated giving you confidence when buying.  They feature an excellent tread depth of 15.2mm and a rim width of 6 inches. Overall, the tires can hold a maximum load of 370 pounds. The construction is lightweight, durable and features a smooth rolling design for faster acceleration and braking.  The widely and deeply spaced tread bras ensure you can excel in a wide range of terrains.  The construction is also heavy and six-ply rated to resist puncture and abrasion.


    • Heavy six ply rated nylon construction
    • Puncture and abrasion resistant
    • 15.2mm tread depth
    • Durable and lightweight

    2. One Pair of MaxxFx P377 ATV/UTV Front Tires

    One Pair of MassFx P377 ATV/UTV Front Tires

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    This is a single pair of MassFx UTV tires with a 0.5 tread depth. The tires are an affordable choice that will offer you excellent traction on off-road terrains.  They are a durable six ply bias construction and will easily resist punctures and abrasions.  The unparalleled technology used in the construction of these tires ensures excellent performance even with heavy weight. They also feature a lug design that enhances the braking control. Overall, the dynamic tread pattern of these tires ensures you enjoy excellent traction and acceleration.


    • 0.5-inch tread depth
    • Lug design for better braking
    • 6-ply bias construction
    • Dynamic tread pattern

    1. Complete Set of 3 All Terrain ATV/UTV Tires

    Complete Set of 4 All Terrain ATV/UTV Tires

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    This is a value set of four UTU/ATV tires and one you must consider buying. It is a complete set of two rear and two front tires to get your UTV a completely new look.  The tires feature an excellent 0.79 tread depth for better traction.  They are heavily constructed using the 6 plies nylon rated construction that resists abrasions and punctures. Overall, the tires will handle mud, rocks and dirt with ease. They are also an excellent choice for dessert applications.


    • 0.79 inches traction
    • A set of four
    • Heavy six-ply construction
    • Abrasion and puncture resistant


    Your search for the best UTV tires comes to an end with these excellent choices. Make sure your UTV can handle the rough terrains by getting one of these amazing tires today. They are highly rated and recommended for use.

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